Vehicle Ownership Cancellation Process in Saudi Arabia 2022

You can remove a broken or accident-damaged car from your Iqama in Saudi Arabia by canceling vehicle ownership. Through the Absher platform, the General Department of Traffic in Saudi Arabia provides an online service that enables users to revoke vehicle authorization. The procedure for using the service, as well as the circumstances under which users may revoke their car authorization, will be covered in this article.

Keep in mind that the final exit cannot be granted if there is a vehicle under your Iqama; it is crucial to cancel the ownership of any damaged or unintentionally acquired cars as soon as possible.

Vehicle Ownership Cancellation Process in Saudi Arabia through Absher Portal – Guide

Vehicle Ownership Cancellation Process in Saudi Arabia through Absher Portal

Remember that only Saudi nationals with active Absher accounts are eligible for the service. Additionally, vehicle authorization cannot be canceled if you are charged with traffic violations.

Saudi Arabian drivers can cancel their license plates/vehicle ownership by taking the following actions:

Find and visit Tashliya (Car Scrap Yard) 

  • Visit the nearest car scrap yard in your city
  • Check the selling price of your car with scraped merchants 
  • Bring your damaged or abandoned car to the vendor.
  • Through Absher, the scrap dealer will submit a cancellation request.
  • Provide the dealer with a verification code you receive from the Absher portal.
  • The code will be entered into the system by the scrap dealer.
  • That’s all; the car has been taken from your Iqama, and your ownership of it has been terminated.

Within five working days on the day the selling process was completed, the scrap dealer will turn the vehicle’s license plates over to the traffic.

Requirements for Vehicle Ownership Cancellation Process in Saudi Arabia

You must meet the following requirements to cancel your vehicle ownership:

  • No overdue traffic violation charges. Make sure all the expenses are paid
  • All the installments of your vehicle must be paid
  • The vehicle owner must be alive
  • Make sure your car has a license plate


In conclusion, we’ve covered everything you need to know about canceling your KSA vehicle registration, including the requirements you must meet.


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