How to Transfer Du Balance to Another Du Number – 2022 Guidelines

Du is one of the best telecom service providers in the UAE. It has launched a new service called One2One. This service allows you to transfer DU Balance to another Du number quickly. 

Du provides its users with a higher level of convenience. You can transfer credit anytime to your loved ones without any hassle.

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Du to Du Balance Transfer- Simple Methods

Du to Du Balance Transfer

There are two methods to transfer the Du balance to another Du number. I will explain them both so you can choose at your convenience.

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Method 1: One2One Credit Transfer Feature

One2One Credit Transfer Feature

Using the Credit Transfers feature, you can transfer credit from your phone to another prepaid user anytime and anywhere. Customers with mobile prepaid accounts on Consumer Prepaid Plans or postpaid customers can use this feature. Others with Prepaid Wallets on Elite and Emirati plans can also use it.

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Follow the steps below to transfer the Du balance to another Du number:

  1. Dial *121* recipient’s mobile number*amount in AED
  2. Press 1 to verify the transfer
  3. Press 2 to cancel

Customers can transfer a minimum of AED 2 and a maximum of AED 200 per transaction using this service. There are no fees to sign up for or activate this service. While roaming abroad, transfers can be made and received as well. However, the transaction fee of 15% will be charged while roaming abroad

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Method 2: Using the Du Mobile Application

Using the Du Mobile Application

Install the Du official application on your phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS. After logging in successfully, follow the steps below to transfer Du balance to another Du number:

  1. Go to the menu and select “Pay for a friend.”
  2. Enter the recipient’s mobile number
  3. Enter the amount in AED in the option “How much would you like to pay.”
  4. Then click on “Pay.”

After the transaction is successful, you and your friend will receive a confirmation SMS.


How can I use DU more credit balance?

If your credit has run out, then as long as you’ve kept your line open for at least three months and utilized at least AED 10 every month, you can borrow credit whenever you need it. Dial *108# to get AED 5 credited.

Can we transfer the balance from DU to Etisalat?

Dial *121# to pay money locally from Du to Etisalat, then enter the recipient’s Etisalat number on the pop-up screen. A message stating that the procedure was successful will be sent to you. This procedure is free.


Now that you know how to transfer Du balance to another Du number, you can quickly and conveniently borrow money from your friends and relatives when you run out of credit. Just follow the simple steps elaborated in the article to transfer credit to anyone.


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