How to Send Parking SMS in Dubai – mParking [Format &Guidelines]

Dubai’s parking system is now more convenient and more accessible. You don’t have to search for the payment display machines or pay with coins. You can directly send parking SMS in Dubai in a predefined format to 7275. 

The RTA’s (Roads and transport authority) mParking service enables drivers to pay for their virtual parking permit using their Etisalat and Du mobile phones. The mParking service also sends an SMS warning to the driver before the virtual license expires, and if necessary, the driver can extend their parking time from their home or workplace without having to go to their car.

Dubai’s mParking Service to Send Parking SMS

mParking is Dubai’s automated SMS service for paying parking tickets. If you still pay for parking with money, it’s time to move to mParking. This Dubai parking SMS system follows a set pattern and is a convenient way to avoid parking charges in the city!

How to Send Parking SMS in Dubai?

Using mParking, paying parking fees in Dubai via SMS is a straightforward two-step process.

Step 1: Type the Message

To use the Dubai Parking SMS system to pay, start a new message on your phone and enter the recipient’s address, 7275. The authorized SMS payment number for parking fees in Dubai is 7275.

SMS Format for non-registered user

How to Send Parking SMS in Dubai
Send Parking SMS in Dubai

If you are a non-registered user, then follow the below format

  • < Plate No.><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration>


Your SMS should look like this: A67891 123C 1

SMS Format for registered user

SMS Format for registered user
SMS Format for registered user
  • < Nickname><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration>


Your SMS should look like this: Kai 123C 1

Step 2: Send the Message to 7275 and receive a verification SMS

After you have typed the correct SMS, please send it to 7275. You will receive a confirmation message after a while. The confirmation message will include the following details:

  • Plate number
  • Zone number
  • Ticket Number
  • Fee Paid
  • Tnx. Fee
  • Parking validity time and date

Make sure you have a sufficient balance on your phone to pay for the parking fee.

Based on the price per hour of that specific parking zone, the Dubai SMS parking service will deduct the parking payments. To use the service for parking in Dubai, there will be an additional AED 0.30 SMS price in addition to the parking zone fee. Users of the RTA’s Smart Application can use the built-in payment system to avoid the additional AED 0.30 fee.

Note: 1/2 an hour ticket is only valid for zone A. The possible duration format for 1/2 an hour mParking SMS service are 1/2, .5, .50, 0.5, 0.50, 30,30min, 30mins, 30minute and 30minutes.

SMS Format for Vehicles Registered in the other Emirates

SMS format is almost the same. You must specify the emirate code at the start of the SMS.

  • <Emirate/Country code><space><Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>


For Sharjah, your SMS should look like this: SHJ1 1432 231A 1

Other emirates codes are:

Abu DhabiAUH
Ras Al KhaimahRAK
Umm Al QuwainUAQ
Saudi ArabiaKSA


How will I know the expiry of my Parking ticket?

You will receive a text message as a reminder to show your ticket validity time and date. The SMS will be sent 10 minutes before your ticket expires.

How can I extend my parking ticket time?

You can easily extend your parking ticket validity time. Just send an SMS that reads ‘Y’ to 7275.

How do I type the SMS for parking a motorcycle in Dubai?

The pattern for parking a motorcycle in Dubai is the same as for parking a car. You need to include the letter B acting as a prefix. For example, B FUJ1 12344 345A


Pay For Parking By SMS In Dubai

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