How to Reset the Tawakkalna App Password and Number for KSA Citizens, Residents, and Visitors 2022?

Reset your Tawakkalna Application Password

It is possible that you can sometimes forget your Tawakkalna app password. You can always reset the Tawakkalna app password with ease. The National Information Center created the Tawakkalna App, the official COVID-19 app, with approval from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health to stop the coronavirus from spreading. 

Installing the Tawakkalna app on your phone is now necessary for Saudi Arabia because it is required to use public transportation and enter public buildings, among other things.

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How to reset Tawakkalna Password?

How to reset Tawakkalna Password?

Make sure the Tawakkalna app is up to date before you start resetting the password.

The following steps must be followed to reset the Tawakkalna App’s password:

  1. Open the Tawakkalna application
  2. Now click the “Help” button on your login page.
  3. Choose the option that says, “forgot password.”
  4. If you are a resident/citizen of Saudi Arabia, enter the Iqama number and birthdate.
  5. If you are listed in Tawakkalna as a visitor, enter your 
  1. Input the one-time password (OTP) that was sent to your registered mobile number after that.
  2. After that, Enter the new password and verify your new password.

That’s it. You have now successfully reset your password.

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If you ever forget your Tawakkalna app password, don’t worry. We have put together these simple instructions for you to change your password without difficulty or confusion.

It is advised to store your passwords in a notebook or another secure location where you can easily access them, even though changing your password is not a complicated process.

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