How To Take PEOS Certificate Online – 2022?

Do you want to learn how to take the PEOS certificate online without putting your efforts to visit any office? I’ve got you covered!

But before that, let’s give you a short idea about the PEOS certificate.

People in the Philippines are required to pass an online seminar PEOS that is acquired by a Philippine organization called POEA to work overseas. But wait, there’s more!

Here, in this blog post, we’ll talk about the PEOS certificate online, and how you can get this without wasting your time anymore.

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PEOS Stands For, Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar

POEA Stands For, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. 

How To Get The PEOS Certificate Online 2022?

If you’re here, you might have registered yourself with the POEA Online Service Portal. If not yet, visit the official website of POEA and register yourself first. After that, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Visit the PEOS website

Open any browser on your laptop or PC and search for PEOS Online. 
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Step 2: Login, into your account

Once you have opened the website, here you’ve to provide the essential details that include, 

  • E-Registration Number
  • Last Name 
  • First Name
  • Choose the module type (choose between skilled or worker). Which means are you going overseas as a worker or as a professional? 
  • Then click on the proceed. 

Tawakkalna Registration

Step 3: Pass the modules

Pass the modules

After providing the correct details of your account, you’ll see 8 modules on the dashboard. In this step, you’ve to read about all the modules, and then you need to give a test by clicking on True or False. 

The process of the test is easy, and you can retake it as many times as you fail until you pass it. 

Pass each module one by one. Once you’ve completed all the modules click on the Check Your Score, and you’ll get your result in front of you. If you see there is any kind of error in the results, you can again start your test.

Step 4: Congratulation, You’ve all done

Congratulation, You've all done

After completing all the modules successfully, once you click on the check result if you passed, you’ll see “Congratulation for Completing The PEOS Online”. You can download a copy of your results and take a print to attach to your documents.

Requirements For PEOS Certificate

There are only two things required in order to attend the PEOS exam online. 

  1. The e-registration number and the password of the POEA portal. 
  2. The first and the last name of the candidate that is registered on the e-registration portal. 
Requirements For PEOS Certificate Online
Requirements For PEOS Certificate Online


Thankfully, there is no qualification deadline in order to complete the PEOS certificate. So, even if you don’t have an education degree you can still appear in the test and after passing, you can go to any country for work. 

What Are The PEOS Modules?

There are only 8 Modules for the PEOS seminar. They are not as an educational study, but just to prepare you for an overseas life. After learning this you’ll be able to understand how to work and spend a regular life in any country. 

Here is the list of modules:

  1. Pircest
  2. Job Search
  3. Forewarned, Forarmed
  4. The Price is right
  5. Seal the deal
  6. Country information 
  7. Health and safe
  8. POEA Cares

Below are short details about each module;

Module 1- Pricest

This module explains the theory of working overseas. Here are the few topics that it includes:

  • Value of the skill set and time.
  • Environment knowledge of the selected country.
  • Career movement and direction.
  • Income and expenses of the relevant profession and living standards cost.
  • How to keep relationships with others.
  • Physical mobility.

This module includes the information relevant to the specific overseas jobs. What documents will be required, the value of skills in the job, and how to find a perfect job relevant to the profession? Overseas Employment Certificates are also discussed in this module. 

Module 3 – Forewarned, Forarmed

Third, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from illegal recruitment. Furthermore, you will learn about other types of illegal recruitment and how to identify an authorized company. You’ll also learn how to keep yourself safe from any kind of fraud. 

Module 4 – The Price is Right

Module 4 teaches you about the fees required for pre-departure and government-mandated fees. Which gives you an idea about the price so that you have an estimated amount of money. 

Module 5 – Seal the Deal

This module gives you an idea about how to set a job deal or contract with any company. You’ll also learn about what are the minimum provisions required in order to seal/get the contract.

Module 6 – Country Information 

There is information about countries in the world in this module. You will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the culture and rules of the country you are interested in by taking this module. 

Module 7 – Healthy & Safe

The module contains information about the security and health risks that a candidate may encounter. 

Module 8 – POEA Cares

Contains the details about the POEA offices and units. 

People also ask

Why are PEOS Required?

Completing the PEOS is essential for each candidate in the Philippines who want to work overseas. In fact, this is crucial for the applicant to learn about what will happen outside the country. The PEOS also gives an idea about the upcoming overseas journey. 

How much time does it take to complete the PEOS test?

Around 45 Minutes
The competition of the PEOS test takes around 40 to 45 minutes on the first attempt. During this time you’ve to pass the modules one by one. However, if you fail any of the modules it may take more time for you. 

What is the fee for the PEOS test?

It’s free
The PEOS test is free and required no cost to you. Simply register yourself with the PEOS website and complete the test without paying any fee.

How to register PEOS Certificate?

  1. Visit the PEOS official website.
  2. Create an account first, and then login into the account. 
  3. Read the modules, and go to the Test Option. 
  4. Complete the 8 modules. 
  5. Once you pass, print the PEOS certificate. 
  6. Your certificate will automatically be registered by the PEOS. 


All Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are required to attach the PEOS certificate along with their other documents when they apply for an overseas job. Because the PEOS can help you get a job that is secure and financially better for you. 

The basic purpose of the PEOS tests is to educate you about the process of living outside the Philippines. Following the above method, you can pass the test and download the PEOS certificate. 

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