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If you still pay for your parking tickets in Dubai using coins, you should consider MParking, the city’s automatic SMS parking ticket payment service. This simple and convenient method ensures you will not be charged any parking fines in Dubai based on an established format. 

By using this service, drivers can pay for paid parking in Dubai using only their mobile phones and SMS messages from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Parking tickets in Dubai can be paid for using only mobile phones and SMS messages.

How To Pay Parking By SMS?

 Pay Parking By SMS?

Step 1: Compose The Message

In order to pay for Dubai Parking via SMS, you need to send a message using your phone and enter the sender’s number, ‘7275 (PARK)’. 

SMS payments can be made for parking in Dubai using the official phone number 7275. The following format should be used once the SMS has been drafted. If you are paying for parking tickets in Dubai, you must make sure that the information is accurate.

Format: <Car’s plate number> <space> <area number> <space> <duration>

Consequently, your SMS should appear as follows: A15234 317C 1

If You can use the 1/2 format if you are in parking area A and wish to add a ticket for half an hour.

An example would be A12345 317C 1/2.

The following formats can be used: .5m, .50, 0.5m, 0.50m, 30, 30mins, 30mins, 30min. During half-hour parking hours, only Area A is available in Dubai.

If a car has a Sharjah or Abu Dhabi license plate, an emirate code must be followed by the license plate number, corresponding to Dubai SMS.

Format: <UAE / Country Code> <space> <Car’s plate number> <space> <area number> <space> <duration>  

Step 2:  You’ll Get a Confirmation Message When You Send The SMS

 You'll Get a Confirmation Message When You Send The SMS

Simply click the send button after you draft the message to send the SMS and receive a confirmation! Whether the transaction was successful will be confirmed via text message. 

It is necessary to have sufficient talk time and SMS on your phone in order for the transaction to be successful.

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