Nursing License for Oman Prometric, Dataflow, and Oral exam

Mostly, Health professionals dream to work in Gulf countries, including Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, to pursue their careers excellently. Nursing is a most demanding skill, and this field is highly preferable in Oman. However, for pursuing it, you must hold a Nursing License for Oman that confirms the Oman govt legally approves you. 

Nursing License for Oman

The OMSB (Oman Medical Specialty Board) has the accountability of maintaining quality health standards by managing professional’s licenses in the country. So having a nursing license is compulsory for both local and foreign specialists working in the country. OMSB exam is taken orally or by Prometric (online), and a person must pass it to get the license.

However to check GAMCA Medical Status online click on the link given below

How to Check GAMCA Medical Status Online

Required Documents for OMSB  Nursing Licensure

  • Passport copies; including front and back
  • Passport size pictures (white background)
  • Academic transcripts copies
  • A course certificate from a standard authority
  • A professional certificate from the authorized organization
  • Good standing certificated (Must valid for at least six months

Things To Know Before Applying Nursing License 

Things must be clear for applying for a nursing license in Oman

  • Applicant must graduate in nursing
  • At least three years of nursing experience after graduating
  • The registered nursing license in the native country
  • Must gain 60% score in the Prometric pass certificate
  • Dataflow verification report
  • Clearance certificate by the Police

How to Apply for Nursing License?

1- Prometric

The first step is to clear the Prometric exam as it is the base of all other licensing assessments. You can make your online appointment in any country.

2- Dataflow

For an oral exam, you need dataflow verification; you have to verify all your original documents by scanning and uploading them on the official website. Verification of the documents is performed, and you’ll get the Dataflow verification report within a month.

3- Oral Exam

Once after completing the Prometric and Dataflow verification, go for an oral examination. In this, you have to submit your documents to the MOH of Oman. The Ministry of Health then, after further processing, gives you the oral examination date.

Note: This exam is only taken in Oman, so you must come for a contract or visit visa test. And a panel of nursing experts will conduct your interview in this exam, so be prepared yourself and then go for the attempt.

Issuing Nursing License

Finally, after going through all these steps and passing the oral exam, you must submit other essential documents, including copies of your ID card, passport, and visa, to the MOH. You’ll get issued a new nursing license within two to three weeks.


Assuredly, nurses are the primary pillar of the Health system, with 40% of total holding. Hence, this job is of great importance for health professionals. However, a proper nursing license is required for working legally, which you can get by following the Prometric, dataflow, and oral exam.

Prometric and dataflow verification for Oman can be performed online, but you have to come to Oman on a contract visa for an oral exam. An expert panel will do an oral exam, and on passing it, you will get a nursing license within 2 to 3 weeks.

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