Iqama Medical Test Fees, Hospital List and Requirements

Saudi Government always takes steps to make their country problem free. In the same case, the KSA Ministry of Health has introduced the law of Health certificates for non-Saudi residents to live and work in Saudi Arabia. In these laws, Iqama medical tests are essential to take when an expatriate comes to KSA. 

The main purpose of these Iqama medical tests is to ensure national health security. So, every Expat who enters the KSA is required to visit Efada-approved medical centers for their medical checkups.

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Efada medical test hospitals are available all around the country. Once you’ve completed your tests, the results can be checked through the online portal of the Ministry of Health website by visiting the Efada Service page. 

This blog post will cover the Iqama Medical steps, approved medical centers for iqama in Jeddah, and other related topics of medical check in the KSA. 

So let’s get down to it!

Complete Guide About the Iqama Medical Tests 

Iqama medical tests are taken to ensure that a person is safe from any harm or infectious disease that can cause spreading. Newcomers in Saudi Arabia are required to conduct their medical tests through any approved medical centers that are authorized by the MoH of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Below is the step-by-step guide that might be helpful in order to get your Iqama medical test clear in KSA. Follow the guide and you’ll finally be free to move anywhere in KSA if you’re healthy. 

Of course, you’ll be!

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Things Required For Iqama Medical Test

To get a residence permit in the KSA expatriates must undergo a health and fitness test through a valid medical center. But before that, they need a few documents that are required to in order to get the job done. 

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Here is the list of documents that are required for Iqama medical. 

  1. The original passport of the candidate
  2. 2 passport-size images are required with a white background.
  3. Schistosoma Test certificate is essential for those candidates who apply for agriculture jobs. 
  4. Visa page and passport copy 
  5. A Medical Test Fee of SR 200/- is required
  6. The Meningitis Vaccination certificate is essential to bring for Sudan citizens.
Things Required For Iqama Medical Test
Things Required For Iqama Medical Test Fees, Hospital List, Requirements – 2022

An Approved Medical Test Certificate Is Required

Although a medical test will be taken in Saudi medical centers, still from the people of the following countries are required to bring a medical clearance certificate from their own countries. The medical certificate should be attested by a recognized hospital/clinic to ensure that it’s valid.

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A list of countries that are required to qualify for a pre-medical test in their own countries. 

  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Pakistan
  5. Nepal
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Egypt
  8. Philippines
  9. Ethiopia 
  10. Suda

Those who come from the following countries in Saudi Arabia must bring a medical certificate along with other documents. 

List of Medical Tests For Iqama Approval 

Once you’ve all the essential documents you’ve to visit any of the registered medical centers for medical tests. Here is the list of the tests that will be examined by the medical center in order to decide whether you’re healthy or unfit. 

  1. Chest X-ray
  2. Urine Test: urine tests are divided into further two categories. Protein and Glucose
  3. Stool Examination: These tests are further divided into sub-categories, Salmonella, Microscopic, etc. 
  4. Blood Test: These tests are taken to ensure that you’re safe from any internal body infection. This includes some of the following,
  1. The checkup for HIV  1 & 2 
  2. Hepatitis B test
  3. Blood glucose test
  4. Malaria Test
  5. Female Pregnancy test
  1. Clinical Examination: these tests include, Hernia test, Blood Pressure, Eye-sight test of both left and right eye, Hearing, Chest and heartbeat check-up, etc. 

The above list contains a few of the medical tests, but there are still other tests that are not mentioned. You don’t have to worry about the big list of these tests. It takes only a day to perform medical tests because medical centers have a dedicated nursing staff for this job that is only detailed to perform medical test duty. 

Furthermore, once you’ve been examined by the medical center, you’re not required to visit again. Because you can check your health status online. 

The Process of Family or Dependents Medical Test For Saudi Iqama Medical

If you’re going with the family to KSA, it’s required to get a medical certificate for your family too. Otherwise, it can put you in trouble if you don’t. However for kids, the law is not too strict but still, they are examined by their weight, age, and height. 

The 18+ family members are required to have a separate medical test. Also, they need to have a medical certificate from the local country. 

How To Check Iqama Medical Report?

Typically, it takes 2-3 days to get the physical reports of Iqama medical tests. But the government has solved this problem to wait too much. Now you can check your iqama medical report results through the online websites of the Efada and Ministry of Health websites. 
If you don’t know how to check the iqama medical test reports via Efada e-service, follow the undermentioned process.

Check Iqama Medical Test Online Via the Ministry of Health Website

In case you’re unable to check Iqama’s medical status through Efada online, or you want to cross-check the medical results you still have another option. The process of both methods is quite similar and the results will be accurate. 

  • Visit the Official website of the Ministry of Health website. 
  • Go to Efada E-Service
  • Enter the essential information including, Border number and Sponsor ID. 
  • Click on the Certificate results.
  • Solve the captcha. 
  • Click on the next button.

The List of Medical Centers Approved By The Efada or MoH

There are hundreds of medical centers all around Saudi Arabia. But you’ve to visit only the relevant centers from where your sponsor belongs. However, the sponsor is responsible to help you with medical tests. Here is the list of the top trusted Iqama medical centers sorted by the cities. 

Medical Centers in Jeddah City / District Mecca

  1. IMC Hospital (Ph # 0126653777
  2. Fahad (Ph # 0126606111
  3. King Abdulaziz Airport (Ph# 0126855931
  4. King Fahed Armed (Ph # 0126653000
  5. King Abdulaziz (Ph# 0126375555
  6. KFSH (Ph# 0126677777
  7. CMEBB (Ph# 0126747352

Medical Centers in Riyadh City

  1. King Saud Hospital Ph# 0112414050
  2. Hawat Soder Ph# 064431311
  3. Hinakiyah General Ph# 048620522
  4. General Hospital Sat Alallayh Ph# 071630103
  5. National GHA Ph# 0118043531
  6. Clinic Alber Ph# 077340944
  7. Medical Maximum Kindergarten Ph# 0114938919

Medical Centers in Dammam City / District Eastern

  1. Medical Fitness Center Ph# 0133280610
  2. Security Forces Hospital Ph# 0118105080
  3. Al-Ahmadi Medical Ph# 0138201608
  4. Security Hospital Ph# 0130810506
  5. SHIFA ALDMMAM Ph# 013817606
  6. King Fahad Hospital Ph# 0138431111
  7. Dar Afia Medical Co Ph# 0138050101

People Also Ask

What is the test fee for Saudi Iqama Medical?

200/- Saudi Riyal
The test fee for Saudi Iqama Medical is SR 200/- that you’ve to pay prior to starting the medical test.

How long Iqama’s medical report is valid?

6 Months
Iqama medical reports are valid for up to 6 months from the issuance date. Once the date expires, you’ve to re-done your medical tests.

How to check Iqama medical report online?

There are two methods to check Iqama medical reports online, 1) Through Efada Service and 2) Through the Ministry of Health (MoH) official website. Visit any approved hospital with the required documents, once the medical test is completed you can check your Iqama medical status online. 


Iqama medical test is essential for every person living or going to Saudi Arabia. Neglecting this will be a crime and also can put you in health danger. So, if you want to spend a healthy life and don’t want to put other’s life in trouble ensure these things are a priority. 

Following the above methods and guide, you can get your Iqama medical done easily. Visit any of the mentioned hospitals in the KSA without any delay to get your Iqama medical done today.

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