How to Transfer Credit from Etisalat to Etisalat?

Are you looking for a way to transfer credit from Etisalat to Etisalat? Etisalat has made sharing of mobile credit easier than ever.

Now you can share mobile credit from one Etisalat number to another by following a few easy steps. This facility does not come with the restriction of prepaid and postpaid customers. A couple of methods can be used to transfer the amount both locally and internationally.

Transfer Credit from Etisalat to Etisalat
  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have a sufficient balance on your account. You need to have at least AED 1 balance in order to transfer credit.
  • Secondly, you have to make sure that the number you are transferring credit to is an Etisalat number. If you don’t know the Etisalat mobile number of the person, then ask the person and verify from them before transferring credit.

Transfer Credit from Etisalat to Etisalat Through SMS?

If you want to transfer credit from one Etisalat number to another, follow these easy steps:

  • Press *100# on your phone.
  • Select the option to share credit.
  • Enter the phone number you wish to transfer the credit to and choose the amount of credit you want to transfer.
  • Enter your PIN-code or the last four digits of your ID, then press OK or enter.
    Note that you cannot transfer more than AED 100 in a day and each customer is allowed to make only 5 transfers in a day. Moreover, you will be charged at AED 1 per transaction.

Transfer Credit from Etisalat to Etisalat Through Customer Care Call?

  • Alternatively, you can call on 100, talk to customer care staff and ask them to transfer the amount for you.
  • Customer care staff will ask you for your details like name, address, and sender’s mobile number.
  • They will ask for the receiver’s details like name, address, and receiver’s mobile number along with the amount to be transferred.

Transferring Credit Internationally

To transfer credit internationally all you need is to dial 100[country code][mobilenumber]*[amount]# on your cell phone and press send. As before, you will receive a message once the transaction is complete.

In IOS Device

By using an iOS device, you can use the eim app to transfer credit amounts by entering the receiver’s mobile number and the amount of money you want to share.

Transfer Limits, Minimum and Maximum

Customers on Prepaid 

  • Minimum of 2 AED a day
  • 150 AED maximum per day

Customers on Postpaid Plans

  • 2 AED minimum per day
  • 150 AED maximum per day
  • 500 AED maximum per month


In conclusion, Etisalat has simplified the process of crediting lines to other Etisalat lines. You can now send a maximum of N100,000 per transaction from one line to another. The money will reflect instantly on the recipient’s balance and the sender’s account is debited accordingly.

Etisalat’s vision in sharing Mobile Money is to make it easier for customers to send and receive money for their various transactions.

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