How to Extend Dependent’s Exit Re Entry Visa 2022?

Extend Dependent’s Exit Re Entry visa in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia while working and your family resides in your home country. This suggests you might be looking to extend their exit re-entry visa to get some more time to spend before saying goodbye. 

Today, we are going to teach you an easy and simple way to extend the dependent’s exit re-entry visa online using the Absher mobile application. But before we begin doing so, it is important that you are aware of the rules and regulations concerning this process. 

Regulations for Extending a dependent’s exit re-entry visa

Regulations for extending dependent’s exit re-entry visa
  • Iqama should be renewed, valid and active for more than 90 days. 
  • The expiry date of the dependent’s exit re-entry visa should be less than 7 months. 
  • Dependents must reside outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • For dependents inside KSA, exit re-entry visas must be cancelled and then issued again.
  • An extension fee must be paid. 

How to Extend a Dependent’s Exit Re-entry Visa?

How to Extend a Dependent's Exit Re-entry Visa?

Once you have made sure that you obey all the requirements of extending an exit re-entry visa, it is time to submit the request for your dependent. You can do this by following the steps listed below. 

  1. Paying the extension fee. 

Before you begin applying for the extension of your family member’s visa, you must pay the extension fee to the Saudi government. To do this, install the Al-Rajhi bank mobile application and log into your bank account. Next, select the ‘Payments’ option from the three dots positioned at the top left side. 

Click on the ‘Government Payments’ option and fill in details about the type of your application, mode of transaction, duration of the extension, Iqama and visa number. Calculate the total amount on the basis of the extension fee of SAR 100 for every 30 days and make the payment online. 

  1. Log into your Absher account. 

Click on the link to open the Absher portal designed by the ministry of interior and enter your account details. 

  1. Request extension for an exit re-entry visa.

From your dashboard, click on the ‘Services’ option and select the ‘Visa Services’ button. Thoroughly read through the displayed terms and conditions before moving on to the next step. 

Extend Dependent’s Exit Re Entry Visa

At this stage, you will see a list of all your dependents residing outside Saudi Arabia. Select whichever member’s visa you want to extend and click on the ‘Extend exit re-entry visa’ button. At last, select the confirm button to submit the extension request online.


And just like that, you have succeeded in applying for the extension of your dependent’s exit re-entry visa in a few moments! We conclude our step-by-step guide in hopes that it guides you on the right way to complete this process without facing any technical difficulty or needing someone’s help. 

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