How to Check UAE Traffic Fine Online?

Traffic fines are implemented strictly in the UAE for maximum road safety endurance. It is not only subject to regulatory fines but many other penalties, including in these black points that may result in the suspension of your license. So you should know that how to check UAE Traffic Fine Online.

So that, having a proper check and balance on traffic fines is necessary to avoid additional penalties. Keep scrolling down and know how to check UAE Traffic fine online without queuing up.

How to Check UAE Traffic Fine Online

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How To Check UAE Traffic Fine Online?

Following are some official ways to check your traffic fine or penalty online with superb ease.

1- MOFA Website

2- UAE RTA Website

3- Emirates Vehicle Gate

1- Checking traffic fines via the MOFA website


• Your traffic file no.

• The plate number of the licensed vehicle

Steps are;

1: Log in to the MOFA website

2: Go for the “Traffic Fine Inquiry” option

You’ll find the “Inquiry by Traffic No.” 

Enter your number in the following box by selecting one option from the given three.

  • Inquiry by Emirates ID
  • Inquiry by Vehicle Plate
  • Inquiry by DL

3: Next, go for the “Submit” option to proceed.

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2- Checking Traffic Fines via RTA Website


  • Your traffic file no.
  • The plate number of the licensed vehicle
  • A valid GCC (credit or debit) card for online payment

Steps are;

1: Redirect to the RTA website

2: Search fines or penalties

3: Review Results (Penalties)

4: Confirms by clicking “Ok”

5: Go for payment to pay a fine or penalty.

3- Emirates Vehicle Gate (Official) Website

Thirdly, you can check the UAE traffic fines online via the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website.

Steps are;

1: Log in to the Emirates Vehicle Gate official Website

2: Register your account on it and click on “Traffic Fine”

3: Check your traffic fines by entering the following things;

  • License plate no
  • License no of the vehicle
  • Ticket code no

4: After inserting the info into their respective boxes, click on “Next” to proceed.

Wrap up

Checking traffic violations and paying penalties online is the superb easy way, as it will no longer let you queue up for long hours. This post briefly goes through the most common methods; checking via MOFA website, RTA website, and Emirates Vehicle Gate Website. 

Choose according to your convenience, and keep a regular check on your traffic penalties. This will help you prevent license suspension, vehicle suspension, and many other severe traffic penalties for the future.

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