How To Check Travel Ban In UAE? [2022 UPDATE]

Travel bans are implemented by the government of the UAE to regulate the movements of people around the country. This mechanism was first used in the year 2004 for curbing the spread of terrorism and is still being used today. A travel ban can be implemented only by court order and those under a travel ban risk imprisonment. Stay put I’ll discuss how to check the travel ban in UAE from the outside.

The administration has made it mandatory for people to obtain judicial clearance if they wish to move to another emirate unless they have an urgent business need or have graduated from a local university.

Think before you enter to UAE

If you have been blocked from entering the UAE before, and have your visa revoked, you should check the UAE travel ban before you try to enter. But how do you check the travel ban from your home country? How can you know how long your travel ban will last? These are all questions that most people don’t think about before trying to enter the country of their dreams, but it’s important to think about them.

What happens if you have a Travel Ban in The UAE?

“If you are in debt and can’t pay it back, a travel ban is imposed on you by the government,” says Mohamed Al Marzooqi, managing director of Al Marzooqi Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai. “This means that if your debt is with a bank or private company, they’ll approach the court.”

If you’re in the UAE (or planning a trip there) and don’t know what happens if you have a travel ban, here’s your answer:

You’ll probably have to stay where you are.

Even if you try to leave the country, whether by plane, ship, or even by foot (it is close to the water), you’ll likely be stopped at the border and denied entry.

The main reason for this is that your name will be entered into a database that prevents you from leaving. Even if you have a valid passport, it won’t matter—you’ll be turned away.

Reasons For The Travel Ban In UAE

There are various reasons for which a travel ban in the UAE can be imposed. These include:

Travel Ban In The UAE
  • Non-payment of wages to employees
  • Absconding from work without any prior notice or permission from the employer
  • Unpaid loans were taken from banks and financial institutions
  • Resignation from a job without prior notice and communication with the employer, even if the resignation is accepted by the employer. However, this does not apply in the case of resigning from a company because of any illegal practices or fake information that was provided during visa processing
  • A court order for a travel ban due to criminal activities, like theft, fraud, etc.

How to Check UAE Travel Ban – Simple ways

There are many ways to check the UAE travel ban in Dubai. some of these are discussed below:

  • If you are staying in UAE, there is a simple way to check your UAE entry ban status by visiting the Immigration Department.
  • A person can also visit a police station to know any case on him. The case may be financial or criminal.
  • Another way to check the UAE travel ban is to make a phone call on the toll-free number 800-5111. Overseas can call on +971-4-313-9999.
  • You can also check the travel ban in Dubai by hiring a lawyer. Who can check from your side if you have any travel bans in your history?
  • You can also check the travel ban in Uae Online through the Dubai police website or the official government website.
Check Travel Ban In The UAE

How to Check UAE Travel Ban Online? Simple Methods

If you are a resident in the UAE, you can check if you have a travel ban on you by going to their official government website. The process is very simple and all it takes is a few minutes. Here is how to do it:

Step 1

Browse to UAE Ministry of Interior website and click on English or Arabic language is preferred.

Step 3

Click on “Travel Ban Inquiry” under the e-Services tab.

Step 4

The next page will ask you for your Emirates ID Card number, enter this and click on the “View” button.

If there is no ban on you, the system will show a message saying “There are no travel bans against the entered Emirates ID No.” with some extra information like name and DOB, etc.

This means that you are free to leave the country without any issues. However, if there is an active travel ban on you, then the result will show something like this: “There is an Active ban on Emirates ID.

Final Words

The new changes have taken effect from the 5th of March. You can now travel to this UAE without any documentation. However, you are required by law to travel only to the specific emirates you have been permitted for your visit. A travel ban will apply if you try to travel to any other emirates without a permit or if you stay in the country beyond the time period covered by your permit.

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