How to Check Etisalat Balance in the UAE?

Etisalat remains the top cellular company for mobile connections in the UAE 2022. It promises to provide valuable services within the approach of affordable packages. However, several new customers to Etisalat aren’t well known about its services. Here I will tell you that how to check Etisalat Balance.

Check Etisalat Balance

How to Check Etisalat Balance (A complete Guide)

You can do an Etisalat balance check with multiple easy to perform ways, including Checking Balance via SMS, phone call, or using Etisalat App.

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1- How To Check Etisalat Balance via SMS?

You can quickly check the Etisalat balance for Prepaid and Postpaid SIM by SMS.

Etisalat Balance check via SMS (Prepaid SIM)

The steps are as follow;

• For checking the main credit (Balance) of the prepaid SIM, Dial “*121#.”

• Retain track of your recent in-use offers and deals of the prepaid SIM by dialing “*101#.”

• By using dial code “*050#,” you can avail of many special offers on Etisalat.

• Further, by dialing “*101* mobile number *total amount#,” You can transfer credit to other numbers.

Etisalat Balance check via SMS (Postpaid SIM)

If you have a postpaid SIM, you pay bills at the end of each month and check Etisalat’s balance in the following ways.

• Dial “*170#” for data inquiry

• Dial “*140#” for flax minute’s information

• Dial “*121*37#” for knowing postpaid minutes balance

You can use the credit card and recharge from the machine in case the postpaid balance is run out.

How to Subscribe Etisalat Minutes?

Firstly, Dial “*135*90#” or Text at “1020” to get packages detail

• Choose “idd25” plan for a subscription of weekly International minutes

• Choose “idd79” plan for a subscription of monthly International minutes

• Choose “C idd29” plan for subscription cancellation of weekly International minutes

• Choose “C idd79” plan for subscription cancellation of monthly International minutes

2- How To Check Etisalat Balance via Etisalat UAE App?

Secondly, you can use the Etisalat UAE App for checking your balance.

The steps are as follow;

Step 1: Go to play store or app store and Install “My Etisalat UAE App” 

Step 2: Open the app and press the “Individual Access with SMS” (displayed at the bottom of the login screen)

Step 3: A pop-up will appear “Access token” for using the app; continue the progress by clicking on the “Proceed” button.

Step 4: Lastly, send the appeared SMS on the message screen. 

(You’ll access the app entirely now, you can check any detail regarding Etisalat balance inquiry)

Using a mobile app for Etisalat balance inquiry is the most versatile method for efficiently maintaining the balance track and its usage history. 

Besides, you also keep track of subscribed packages with their expiry date info by using the My Etisalat UAE App.

Offers of My Etisalat App Regarding Balance

Here is a list of further essential services that “MY Etisalat UAE App” offers you regarding balance.

1- Pay your packages bills from the Etisalat App

2- Keep a record of billing history (six months)

3- Set billing limits

4- Recharge your account 

5- Recharge Wasel

6- Purchase Local and International call packages

7- TV and Roaming packages

8- Getting update with new special offers

9- Transfer credit internationally 

3- How To Check Etisalat Balance via Phone Call?

Thirdly, the last and probably the easiest way is to check your Etisalat Balance via Phone call. For this, you have to call “121” for the balance inquiry. The representative will tell the Etisalat balance within seconds.


Can I use any Etisalat number if my credit runs out?

Yes, you can do it by Dialing “132*050xxxxxxx
132* 10 digit mobile number, to whom you are looking to call


Assuredly, Etisalat comes in the top telecommunication company in the UAE, so knowing about it makes it easy to benefit from its services or packages. Besides, checking Etisalat balance and other inquiries related to balance is possible by using any one of the methods; Via using SMS, Mobile App, or by Calling at “121”.

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