How to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment?

GAMCA is an approved medical association made to provide medical tests facilities to expatriates to get gulf countries jobs, study, or another resident purpose visa. This association provides an electronic user interface that any outsider can access to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment and check his medical status online. 

Book an Online GAMCA Appointment

Firstly, the system gets converted to online on the 1st of April in 2018 to book and check GAMCA appointments online; this saves much time to stand for several hours in long queues just for getting a booking. 

As results shared by the approved linked center with GAMCA are shown to its official website, a person even checks its medical fitness status online via this website. So if you are too looking to visit any gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman, you must go through a medical checkup by the GAMCA approved lab or center. 

Here, we took a brief step-by-step guide on booking an online GAMCA appointment? So read it thoroughly and get the best and super -easy method of booking appointments. 

Step by Step Guide to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment

Step 1: Go to the Website (Official)

The first step is to go to the website (GAMCA official) and, by clicking on it, get redirected to the website homepage.

Step 2: Go for the Appointment Process

Select the “Book your appointment” option; click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Register Yourself for Medical Test

A new form will open; insert your required details for the health checkup.

Step 4: Provide the Details of Your Location

Here, you have to mention your country name and select your preferred country for the medical test. 

Step 5: Provide Applicant Details

Next, provide applicant details, including the candidate name, candidate passport number, candidate DOB, and passport expiry date. 

Step 6: Select the Gulf Country

An option will appear with a space that says “Country traveling to” here; you have to enter the country’s name for which you are looking to go or visit. It means that you have to select the country from the gulf category for which you will apply.

Step 7: Insert your National and valid email Id

Insert your National ID number and Email ID in the respective spaces given for them.

Step 8: Select the Visa Type

After entering the ID number and valid email, move forward and select the visa type; here, you’ll get two options: “Work Visa” and “Family Visa.” You have to select according to your requirement.

Step 9: Click on Submit and Payment Confirmation

After filling in the complete captcha, click on the “submit” button to proceed with the booking process. After submitting, the next page will open that holds all your added information. The $10 amount will be shown to you on this page. On clicking the “Pay” button, you’ll agree and confirm payment.

Step 10: Enter Card Detail

Enter the card details, including card number, bank name, and click to pay.

Step 11: Re-open the GAMCA Website

Finally, after submitting the application and paying with your wallet card, you can Re-open the website and check the appointment status.

On re-opening or revisiting the GAMCA website, you’ll receive a medical test appointment slip containing all the information, including personal and passport. 

The “Print GCC slip” option is present at the top of the corner; by clicking on it the system demands you to enter your National and Passport no. After entering this information in their required respective box, you have to go for the “Generate” option.

You can take a print of this GCC slip and take it with you when you visit the medical center.


It is the simple and easiest way to get your medical test appointment online from your home. We explained each point precisely, from opening an official website to confirming payment. Hopefully, now all your queries related to the online booking appointment get the correct answers. And by following these steps, it’s an assured guarantee that you get your appointment book.

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