How to Attest Saudi Arabian Experience Certificate? Updated 2022

If you are looking to move to any other gulf country to explore yourself from the Saudi Arabian, you must require an attested experience certificate from the company employer. Besides, this issued experience certificate must be attested for holding authenticity and legitimacy.

The attested experience certificate is an authentic and legitimate document that a person can use for various official purposes. The attestation on the document confirms its originality and legality from the authorized companies or departments with their official signature on it. So by keeping the importance of attestation, we took a complete guide on how to attest Saudi Arabian Experience Certificate.

Here, in this guide, we’ll explain how to attest an experience certificate for making it legalized in Saudi Arabian issues.

So, let’s jump to the step-by-step guide;

First, note that the perquisites mean essential documents for this procedure.

Required Documents For Experience Certificate of Saudi Arabia

  • Original Experience Certificate
  • Residential permit copy
  • Passport copy
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Letter of Authority (when the applicant isn’t able to go for attesting himself)

Step 1: Requesting the salary certificate Saudi Arabia

Ask or request the experience certificate in which company you are working; typically, it will be in Arabic.

 Requesting the salary certificate Saudi Arabia

Note: No lamination will be accepted while attestation, so avoids any lamination to your original certificate.

Step 2: Attestation from the KSA Commerce Chamber

You have to go for attestation from the Saudi chamber or also do the Saudi chamber of commerce attestation online. Here, try to complete it with the help of a Saudi citizen or via your company. However, if your company isn’t supporting you in this matter and no close citizen is available, you have to do it by yourself.

Go to the Commerce Chamber office with your original passport and other essential documents. Besides, you have 25 SR in your pocket to pay the fee. The Chamber of Commerce will put a stamp on the front page of your certificate.

Attestation from the KSA Commerce Chamber

Step 3: Attestation from the MOFA       

Next, move to the MOFA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further attesting. MOFA will put a stamp on the front page of your experience certificate.

Attestation from the MOFA       

Step 4: Change language of the certificate experience

Usually, the experience certificate is in Arabic, so you have to translate it into English from the registered agent.

Note: Take the help of a Saudi citizen or Saudi chamber of commerce attestation. However, if it isn’t possible, you have to do it yourself.

Step 5: Attestation from the home country’s embassy 

Go to your home country’s embassy; here, you have to submit this original document (attested by Commerce Chamber and MOFA) along with the translated copy.

Besides, submit your passport and residential permit copies to the embassy. After checking Commerce Chamber and MOFA attestation, I will stamp this document for further authentication.

After completing this procedure, you can now use it in any other gulf country for a job or other visiting purposes.

Attest Saudi Arabian Experience Certificate

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One should be clear about applying and going for attestation, but if someone (expatriate) is not present or residing right there in Saudi Arabia, how will he go for attesting? He can just come to get an experience certificate and go for the attested process.

Here, he should go for support from his company or ask for help from his close friend. In this case, you have to provide your authority letter and your residence permit in Saudi Arabia along with a passport copy. And then your friend or any close relative will be able to perform all your attestation procedures on behalf of you.


The attestation process in Saudi Arabia is based on three stamps; the Commerce Chamber stamp, MOFA stamp, and the last stamp from your home embassy for complete authentication. Your experience certificate must hold this so that you can use it as an official document for further job purposes in any other gulf country.

We tried our best to explain the attestation of the experience certificate issued by the Saudi Arabian company in an elementary step-by-step guide form. After reading it thoroughly, we hope that you’ll get the correct answer to your queries regarding attesting and getting your document legitimate.

Further, keep in mind that without Chamber and MOFA attestation, your experience certificate isn’t accepted or recognized as a legitimate or legalized document. So, any of the ones missing on your certificate isn’t let you apply to use it for applying for any other job.

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