How to Add a Spouse Wife’s Name to the Indian Passport? Step-by-Step Procedure

Currently, working in India as an expat and looking to bring your wife with you? Then you must add a Spouse Wife’s Name to the Indian Passport, but here we’ll explain how to add a spouse or wife’s name.

So please read it carefully, and get the right way and easiest way to How to Add a Spouse’s Wife’s Name to the Indian Passport. here we answer the question like is it mandatory to add the spouse’s name in the passport?

Add a Spouse Wife's Name in the Indian Passport

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A Step-By-Step Procedure

You have to reissue your Passport for adding the spouse wife’s name. However, if your wife isn’t holding a passport and going to apply for a new one, then on the day of applying, you can add your name; so it becomes most unadorned as the system automatically registered it, but as this is applicable when a female is going to add her spouse name in the Passport.

Step 1: Go to the “Internet Browser”           

Step 2: Search for “Passport Seva”

Step 3: A new window with various website links opens on your computer screen. Click on the official website Passport Seva.

Step 4: After clicking, a home page will open before you, withholding several options.

Add a Spouse Wife's Name in the Indian Passport

Step 5: If you haven’t any account on this official website, go for the registration process by inserting valid information into it. Or, if you have an account on it, go for the sign-in option to access the website services.

Step 6: After signup or login-in, go with the first option, “Reissue Passport,” appearing on the home page.

reissue passport

Step 7: By pressing the “Reissue Passport” further, two options will show on the screen; to fill the application form online or take a copy of this application form to fill it and then upload it again.

The easiest option to go for is online, so choose this.

reissue application

Step 8: A new page will open after clicking on the “Online” option. The system asked you to insert your present residency details on this page. After inserting or selecting the current residential address; You’ll redirect to the next page.

residency details 9

Step 9: The system asked you to tell the “Passport type” you will apply. As you add your wife’s name, choose the “reissue passport” as you did earlier in the sixth step.

reissue passport

Step 10: On selecting “Reissue Passport,” a new options bar opens in front of you, where you have to press the “Change” option and then select the “Spouse Name” option.

Step 11: Next, if your application is regular, click the “Normal Type,” If you are looking for urgent base changing, go with the “Urgent Type” option. However, if you go for an urgent type, it is more costly.

reissue passport (urgent type)

Step 12: After selecting the “Urgent Type” or “Normal Type,” click on “Next” to proceed.

reissue passport (urgent type or normal type)

Step 13: In this step, you have to fill in all the demanded details or information of a candidate; here, if the candidate holds an Aadhar card, he must insert his card number. After completing this step, press the “Next” button for further proceeding.

details of a candidate

Step 14: It contains Family data, so here, you have to add the father, mother, and spouse’s names after filling the form, and clock on the “Next” button to proceed.

Family data

Step 15: A new page opens; here, you have to enter your current residential address, valid email ID, and local police station address; then click on the “Next” button.

residential address information

Step 16: Next, the system asks you to enter your “Emergency Contact Info,” so enter it correctly and click on the “Next” button.

Step 17: Insert the old passport details carefully, and then again click the “Next” button to proceed.

old passport details

Step 18: Here, fill in other demanded details and press “Next”

Step 19: A new page will open with a message of “Passport Detail Verification”; here, you have a chance to check that your name, spouse’s name, DOB, and other information are correctly spelled. After reviewing your details, click on “Next.”

Step 20: On the next page, select “Proof of current address” and “Proof of birth certificate” after this, click on the “Next”

proof of adress and birth

Step 21: Lastly, click on the “Pay” option and pay the mentioned fee or charges to reissue the Passport by adding your spouse’s name to it. After this final step, the management representative will give you an appointment.

Here, the whole online process is completed; now, on the appointment day, you must take your original documents, including your old original Passport. The team will check the details, and a canceled stamp is put on the old Passport.

And after processing the new Passport with the spouse’s wife’s name addition will be sent to you at your provided address.


It’s how simply you can add your spouse’s wife’s name to your Indian Passport, so follow these steps and do this job excellently online. However, keep in mind that all inserting information or details, including residential address, name, and DOB, will be correct while filling out the application form.

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