What is Health Conditions in Tawakkalna (COVID-19) App in 2022?

Health Conditions in Tawakkalna Application Meaning

To prevent Coronavirus from spreading, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health approved the Tawakkalna App, the official COVID-19 app. 

Installing the Tawakkalna app on your phone is now necessary for Saudi Arabia because it is required to use public transportation and enter public buildings, among other things.

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Health Conditions Available in Tawakkalna App

Following are the health conditions available in the Tawakkalna app:


In the Tawakkalna app, the health condition “Immune” indicates that the user has had all the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine taken.



Users who have been exempt from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine for one of the following reasons are included in the “Exempt” condition:

Medical Exemption: The user is exempt from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, as determined by the medical exemption commission on public health.

Non-Medical Exemption: The list of exempted categories, which the Ministry of Health’s policies governs, is exempt from obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine.

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No Record of Infection

No Record of Infection

It means the user is 12 or younger, has no history of infection, and has not gotten the vaccine.

Received the first dose

Received the first dose

This shows that the first dose has been given to the user. It lasts for 90 days unless the person takes all the dosages.


This means the user is at least 12 years old, has no history of infection, and has not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Home Quarantine

Home Quarantine

This indicates that the passenger must: 

  • Have a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival.
  • If the test results are negative, the quarantine is lifted.

The PCR test is not required for children under the age of eight. However, they must remain in home-quarantine for 48 hours from when they arrive.


The user must thus put themselves in a 7-day self-quarantine after exposure to an infected individual with COVID-19.


The infected health condition indicates that the user is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. 

Institutional Quarantine

This means that the traveler must pass two PCR tests with negative results

  • The first PCR test should be done within 24 hours of arrival
  • The second PCR test should be done five days after arrival

The traveler must finish the five-day institutional quarantine period.


This means that the user does not have an internet connection, cannot find their home address, or is using a VPN.


It is advised for everyone to continue evaluating their health condition options in the Tawakkalna app, given the recent COVID-19 outbreak years. Additionally, vaccinate as soon as possible to ward off this dangerous illness.

To stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, travelers must quarantine themselves for the allotted amount of time as instructed by your government.

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