GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders

GAMCA is an approved medical association made to provide medical tests facilities to expatriates to get gulf countries jobs, study, or another resident purpose visa. Here I will tell you about GAMCA Unfit List of Diseases and Disorders.

The medical test should pass for getting the visa; after going through the medical test, it will be due to finding any disease if you aren’t clear. 

This disease makes you unfit, so you cannot get a visa. Here, we explained these diseases in detail so that it becomes familiar to you to know about your medical fitness for the visa.

Further, we tell you how to prevent finding yourself unfit from the GAMCA. So, read it thoroughly and get the best analysis of unfit diseases to list by GAMCA.

GAMCA Medical Information to get eligible for the Gulf Country Visa

List Of GAMCA Unfit Diseases

In this list we will look at two types of diseases which are Infectious and Non Infectious

GAMCA Unfit List of Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases (Caused by pathogens, like viruses, fungi, or bacteria). Here is the list of Infectious diseases that become a reason for a person to be declared as unfit;

  1. HIV reactive
  2. AIDS reactive
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. HCV reactive
  5. Leprosy patients
  6. Microfilaria positive
  7. Pulmonary scar
  8. VDRL reactive
  9. TPHA reactive

GAMCA Unfit List of Non-Infectious Diseases

Non-Infectious Diseases (Caused by some other factors (genetics or malnutrition) rather than the pathogens, like epilepsy). Here is the list of Non-Infectious diseases that become a reason for a person to be declared as unfit;

  1. Diabetes mellitus
  2. Congestive heart failure
  3. Neurological disorders
  4. Hypertension
  5. Any psychiatric disease
  6. Any form of cancer
  7. Chronic renal failure
  8. Physical disabilities
  9. Chronic hepatitis failure

Fitness Examination

Furthermore, there is little detail about some most common examinations involved in medical clinical Laboratory examinations. It will let you understand the fitness and unfitness of the medical test more clearly. 

Any of one may lead to the unfitness of your medical test. So, you must be sure that you haven’t suffered from any of the following problems.

History of Any Influential Disease Or Illness

Allergy and nervous diseases are involved in this type.

1. Allergy: A person should declare clear from past suffering allergic disease.

2. Nervous Diseases: A person isn’t facing or suffering again any of the nervous diseases that he faced in the past, like epilepsy.

Clinical Examination

The clinical examination involved heart beating, blood pressure, skin, healthy internal organs, and clinical examination of a pregnant female.

1. Heart Beating: A regular and consistent heartbeat and functions. And a person free from any inherited defects.

2. Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure should be normal

3. Skin: A person shouldn’t suffer any infectious or chronic disease related to skin, such as Eczema.

4. Healthy Internal Organs: Internal organs of the applicant should be healthy and aren’t suffering from any tumor or enlargement.

5. Female clinical examination:  Applicant isn’t holding pregnancy with more than 7-months. Moreover, she has not suffered from breast tumors or vaginal bleedings.

Medical Examination

The medical examination involved two factors; visual clarity and hearing power.

1. Visual Clarity: Visual clarity is specific according to the job type; for instance, a person is going for a driver’s job, then his visual acquit should not be accepted if less than 6/6. Both sides of the visual field should be standard and relatively even. Furthermore, a person is not suffering from any contagious eye illness.

2. Hearing Power: Hearing power must be standard, and no infection is present in the middle or inner ear.

Laboratory Examination

Laboratory examination involved three significant factors; blood, urine, and human stool.

1. Blood: Complete blood composition will be within the normal range; plus, the hemoglobin should fall between 10g/100ml.

2. Urine: urine test report should hold normal limits, as no sugar and albumin are acceptable.

3. Stool: A person’s stool doesn’t contain cholera and salmonella.


Serology involved HIV reactive, Liver function test, Kidney function test, and HCV reactive.

1. HIV Reactive: No infectious person with HIV illness is medically fitted.

2. LFTs: Liver function tests, including SGOT and SGPT, should lie within the normal range.

3. Kidney Function Test: The report holds a normal range of creatinine in the applicant’s urine.

4. HCV Reactive: Anti-HCV result of an applicant should be Negative.


To wrap up, we provided you the lists of unfit GAMCA list of diseases; plus by giving you a brief detail on the examination (medically, clinically, laboratory and serology), make it easy to know about your fitness even before moving to the GAMCA approved center for medical test. Further, we preferred you move to any private lab first for a medical checkup after declaring pass status from that lab. You have to pass the GAMCA medical test, maximizing your passing chances and fitness chances.

However, to book an online appointment for GAMCA do visit the link given below

How to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment

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