How to Check GAMCA Medical Status Online?

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) status is a prerequisite medical report that you need to get a job or Visa in Gulf Countries. The medical test should be passed (GAMCA) for getting a visa. So here, by keeping its importance in mind, we took a detailed guide on checking GAMCA medical status online?

Moreover, we covered all related aspects or queries regarding GAMCA medical status online, so read it thoroughly and find the best answer or solution to your query.

GAMCA Medical Information

Check GAMCA Medical Status Online

  • Open the browser and go to the official GAMCA website.
GAMCA Medical status online
  • By clicking on it, you’ll redirect to the website’s homepage.
  • Now, find the “check candidate status” at its Menu bar
  • The system asked you to enter your passport number and national Id number to check the status.
  • After entering the “Passport” and “National Id,” press the “Generate” button.
check medical status

GAMCA Medical Report Slips Online

You can log in to the official GAMCA website and generate your medical slip for pursuing a medical test via choosing online payment. After processing and verifying your data, the website recommended the medical center’s name and address for test conduction.

GAMCA Medical reports

However, you can check your status online while going through the medical test approved by the GAMCA. So if you still do not go for the test, then first go for it as it is necessary for getting the Visa of Saudi Arabia and the other five states that we mentioned earlier.

How to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment

Medical Test for GAMCA Medical Status Online

  1. Firstly, you must go for a Medical test from the GAMCA.
  2. You have to book an online appointment using the official GAMCA website.
  3. Print this appointment form and take it with you on the appointment to the medical center.
  4. Pay the fee at the GAMCA approved medical center.


  • The appointment slip
  • Your original National ID card with a copy
  • Your original passport, along with the copy
  • Four passport size pictures

Fee charges for GAMCA Medical Test

  • For Pakistanis, 9,300 PKR
  • For Indians, 6,000 INR

GAMCA Medical Test Validity 

It has three months of validity, so you can use it for 90 days of traveling on a Saudi Visa.

Tests included in the GAMCA:

  1. Chronic Renal Failure
  2. Congestive Heart Failure
  3. Diabetes Mellitus
  4. HIV or AIDS reactive
  5. Hypertension
  6. Any cancer
  7. Neurological Disorder
  8. Tuberculosis
  9. Physical disabilities
  10. Psychiatric diseases

GAMCA Medical Status Online for Pregnant Women 

However, in the case of a pregnant woman, it is forbidden to do those tests that demand x-rays. So a pregnant woman only undergoes blood and urine tests. 

Pre-requisites for pregnant women

  1. NOC form
  2. Ultrasound report
  3. Pregnancy report
  4. Visa slip of MOFA

Now, after getting complete info on GAMCA medical test status, how it is approved, its charges, Prerequisite and what tests are included in it’s become easy for you to go for GAMCA medical test by its approved center in your country.

Wrap Up

Looking to move to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, or Kuwait? Then you must know that GAMCA medical approved status is necessary. In our brief guide, we tried to cover all the essential aspects of the GAMCA medical report. Please read it carefully, and make your test performance easier.

Further, we explain how easily you can check your GAMCA status online via the official website. So feel free and check the status online by sitting at your home and finding the result. If you get an unfit report, you have to fix your health problem and go for a second attempt of medical test to obtain a Saudi Iqama or Visa.

GAMCA Unfit List of Diseases

Important Note: We recommend that you go for a test from a private lab before moving to the GAMCA approved Centre. If there is any refusal due to a hidden disease, you can fix it with temporary medicinal or other recommended treatment. And then get back to the GAMCA medical report. So there are more chances to pass it and get a Visa.

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