GAMCA Medical Report Result Check Online [2022 UPDATE]

GAMCA Medical Report Result Check Online

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Association center) conducts a medical test to identify if you are physically fit to work in a Gulf country. By entering your passport number and nationality, you can find or check your GAMCA medical test results or report online. This is a requirement if you wish to receive a Gulf work permit.

There are numerous hospitals and testing facilities available. The GAMCA Centers, also known as Gulf authorized medical centers, are located in numerous places. You can now easily schedule an appointment for a medical test on the GAMCA website.

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GAMCA Medical Report Status- Online Check

You can check your GAMCA medical report online by visiting the official website. Don’t forget that before getting the test done, you need to pay the fee for the medical test. Once the payment has been made, you will receive a receipt outlining the cost of the GAMCA medical exam. 

This slip is valid up until the scheduled appointment. The website allows you to set up an appointment for a medical examination. Then, as per your appointment, you will need to go to the center for a test.

The closest GAMCA center can be visited without an appointment if you want to get more information. The Gulf-approved medical center often releases the test results within 24 hours. For the test results, you do not need to schedule a time to visit a GAMCA branch. You can now find your GAMCA medical reports online.

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Simple steps to check a GAMCA Medical Report Online?

The procedure to check the GAMCA medical report online is outlined below.

Step 1

Visit the Gulf Health Council website Click Here

Step 2

In the “Check Medical Status” window, you will see two options

Step 3

Check either by passport number and nationality or by GCC slip number If you check the first option, enter your passport number. Select your nationality

Step 4

Enter the captcha code. Click on “Generate”

If you select “By GCC slip number,” you must enter the GCC slip number and captcha code. Then click on “Generate.”

Your medical test report will be generated in no time, and you can even download the test report.

Your report will state whether you’re FIT or UNFIT.

GAMCA Unfit- List of Diseases and Disorders

NOTE: If you have an unfit status, you can only make another appointment after 6 months.

In most cases, the medical center will let you know what issue you have if you are deemed unfit. If it’s a minor concern, they will call you for another medical exam after prescribing some medicines.


What is GAMCA?

Gamca Medical, also known as GCCHMC, is a program that provides a medical examination to expats who desire to work or live with their families in Gulf countries. GAMCA stands for Gulf Approved Medical Association Center.

What if GAMCA’s medical status is unfit?

You don’t have to worry if your medical test isn’t cleared on the first attempt. You can book another appointment only after six months.

Is GAMCA required for Dubai?

Yes, the Gamca medical test is mandatory for Dubai. Actually, it is required for all the Gulf countries, which include the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.

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