GAMCA Medical Information to Get Eligible for the Gulf Country Visa

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association) medical test is information of a medical examination before traveling to the Gulf countries. You must pass it to get a visa for employment, study, or residence purposes.

Here, we will explain in detail about GAMCA Medical Information: what things are involved in it? Why do you need it? And what things to do to get it?

So let’s move to the Detailed guide

Two categories of diseases are gone checked in GAMCA medical test;

HIV reactive Diabetes mellitus
AIDS reactiveCongestive heart failure
HCV reactiveNeurological disorders
Leprosy patientsHypertension       
Microfilaria positiveany psychiatric disease
Pulmonary scarany form of cancer
VDRL reactiveChronic renal failure
TPHA reactivePhysical disabilities
TuberculosisChronic hepatitis failure
GAMCA Medical Information
GAMCA Medical Information

Medical Test from Authorized and Approved GAMCA LAB

  1. Firstly, you must visit any nearest GAMCA-approved center or lab by booking an online appointment using its official GAMCA website.

2. Print this appointment form and take it with you to the medical center appointment.

Medical test

3. Pay the fee at the GAMCA-approved medical center which is 9,300 PKR in Pakistan and 6,000 INR in India.

Basic Requirements for the Medical Test

  • The appointment slip
  •  Four passport-size pictures
  •  Original National ID card with a copy
  •  Original passport, along with a copy

GAMCA Medical Test (Children)

Children under 12 years old do not go through any laboratory tests. Only their height and weight are examined. Besides, their vaccine course is checked. 

How to Book an Online GAMCA Appointment

GAMCA Medical Test (Pregnant Women) 

In the case of a pregnant woman, it is forbidden to do those tests that demand x-rays. So a pregnant woman only undergoes blood and urine tests. 

Basic Requirements

  •  NOC form of a pregnant woman 
  •  Ultrasound report of a pregnant woman
  •  Pregnancy report of the woman
  • Fitness certificate from the gynecologist
  •  Visa slip of MOFA 

Instructions or Recommendations to Follow Before Going to the GAMCA Medical Test 

History of any major disease or illnessAllergy: a person should declare clear from any of its past suffering allergic disease.
Nervous Diseases: A person isn’t facing or suffering again any of the nervous diseases that he faced in the past, like epilepsy.
Clinical ExaminationHeart Beating: A normal and consistent heartbeat and functions. And a person free from any inherited defects.
Blood Pressure: Should be normal
Healthy Internal Organs: Internal organs of the applicant should be healthy and aren’t suffering from any kind of tumor or enlargement.
Skin: A person shouldn’t suffer any infectious or chronic disease related to skin; such as Eczema.
Female Case:  Applicant isn’t holding pregnancy for more than 7 months. Besides, not suffer from breast tumors or vaginal bleedings.
Medical ExaminationVisual Clarity:
1.       Visual clarity is specific according to the job type; for instance, a person going for a driver’s job then his visual acquit should not be accepted if less than 6/6.
2.       Both sides of the visual field should be normal and quite even.
3.       Not suffering from any eye contagious illness.
Hearing Power: hearing power must at a normal level and no infection is present in the middle or inner ear.

Laboratory InvestigationBlood: Complete blood composition will be within the normal range; plus, the hemoglobin should fall between 10g/100ml.
Urine: urine test report should hold normal limits, as no sugar and albumin are acceptable.
Stool:  A person’s stool doesn’t hold any cholera and salmonella.
SerologyHIV Reactive: No infectious person with HIV illness is medically fitted.
LFTs: Liver function tests including SGOT and SGPT should lie within the normal range.
Kidney Function Test: The report holds a normal range of creatinine in the urine of the applicant.
HCV Reactive: Anti-HCV result of an applicant should be Negative.

After getting complete information on the GAMCA medical report, how it is approved, its charges, essential requirements for performing, and lists of tests included in it, it’s become super-easy for you to go for the GAMCA medical test in your country.

GAMCA Unfit List of Diseases

However, we prefer that you take the first private lab and go for a detailed checkup. After getting your medical report, you’ll be clear about fitness. So if the report shows that you are fit and not suffering from any contagious or infectious disease, then visit the GAMCA-approved lab for official approval and get a visa. 

Steps After Performing Test

Next and the last step after performing the test is to check the report online. For this purpose, follow the following simple steps:

Check GAMCA Medical Test Report 

1.   Open the browser and go to the official GAMCA website.

2.   By clicking on it, you’ll redirect to the website’s homepage.

3.   Now, find the “check candidate status” at its Menu bar

4.   The system asked you to enter your passport number and national Id number to check the status.

5.   After entering the “Passport” and “National Id,” press the “Generate” button.

Report Status 

1.  Positive Status:

If your report status is positive, it means you are a medically fit person, so you are eligible for a visa.

2Negative Status:

 If your report status is negative, you are medically not fit, so you are not eligible for a visa. Get fit yourself first and then go for a visit to the GAMCA lab.

As we recommended earlier, do not face rejection; you must first go for a private lab test. You can cover it via medical treatment in case of any hidden disease. It will increase the chances of getting fit in the GAMCA-approved lab.

How to Check GAMCA Medical Status Online


Wanna look to move to any gulf country for a job, study purpose, or some other reason? If yes, you must know that you have to go for the GAMCA Medical Test, and you have to pass this for visa approval. We tried our best to give you a complete informatory package on GAMCA Medical Information and its report status.

Further, our clear illustration in table form will be more helpful in understanding the diseases that are responsible for medically unfit. Lastly, the GAMCA test report has three months of validity, so you can use it for 90 days of traveling on a Saudi Visa.


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