How Can I Get a Freezone Visa Dubai in the UAE?

A Freezone Visa Dubai characteristics differ depending on the free zone jurisdiction. Free zones in Dubai are well known for offering rapid and functional visas for both employees and investors. Because every free zone authority sets its fees, the Dubai free zone visa price also varies. The price of a free zone visa generally includes all government fees, but there is an additional charge for medical physical tests and fingerprinting.

This same cost of the visas is considerably lower in Dubai South Free Zone. In contrast to Dubai South, where a visa costs AED 2500, Sharjah Airport Free Zone offers visas for only AED 1800. Additional fees and restrictions do, however, apply. Each free zone submits a visa application for legal review by the CID department, which verifies the applicants’ eligibility and criminal histories.
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What is a Freezone Visa in UAE?

What is a Freezone Visa in UAE?

Freezone visas can be applied for by business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as their employees, dependents, and domestic staff, and are typically linked to a licensing package.

Free zones are officially recognized economic areas with special advantages for the companies that run in them. There are more than 40 in the UAE, and they all provide quick licensing and inexpensive company formation, easy workflows, and several other benefits.

free zone visa  is one of the many advantages of operating in these zones. Others include 100 percent foreign ownership, which enables foreign investors to conduct business in the UAE without giving a local sponsor a 51 percent stake.

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Types of Free Zones Visas in Dubai

Depending on your company requirements, you can select a suitable Free zone visa among the 5 categories that are offered.

Employment visas: 

Employment visas: 

With an offer letter from a company registered in any free zone, employees can easily obtain employment visas.

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Investor visas: 

Investor visas: 

These visas give international business owners who already operate in the UAE’s free zones or intend to do so a three-year temporary residency permit.

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Temporary visas:

Temporary visas:

If a friend or relative who lives in the UAE sponsors it, then a temporary visa allows for lawful admission into the UAE for 90 days.

Visit visas: 

Visit visas: 

The ideal option for short trips to the UAE is, visit visas can range in length from 14 to 90 days, depending on the applicant’s nationality.

Mission visas:

Mission visas:

If a person needs to enter the UAE for a single entry, or short-term work assignment, then mission visas are the best option.

Step-by-Step guide for Free zone visa process in Dubai

  1. Sign up for E-Channel services
Sign up for E-Channel services

You should start by accessing the E-Channel services to apply for your free zone visa. This system was designed by the UAE government to simplify the visa application process. Conveniently, it minimizes paperwork and speeds up and increases the transparency of visa applications. You can obtain your free trade zone visa by simply going to the e-channel services website, providing some personal information, such as your email address, and clicking “submit.”

Free zone business registration is simple. All you must do is pay the required fees and give your free zone agent instructions on how to register your business for online services. A service charge deposit of AED 5,000 is required in addition to the registration price of AED 2,500 for this service. You’ll be notified as soon as you register once these fees have been paid.

  1. Apply for an Entry Permit
Apply for an Entry Permit

After completing the first step you must apply for the entry permit. A 60-day Dubai employment residency visa is essentially a short-term visa. It usually takes at least 15 days for the employment visa to arrive. But if you need it urgently then you should apply for the express service which will take around a week to provide you the visa after charging AED 1,000. After requesting your entry permission, it is strongly urged that you not leave Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. This could result in errors in your visa application, which would slow down the procedure. When you electronic visa is prepared they will email you.

  1. Activation of entry permit/ Status change

Now that when you have your entry permit, it’s time to activate it. They mostly call it as status change which is a must to receive your freezone visa. Three methods are available for changing one’s status:  in-country, out of the country as well as the alleged “border run.”

The simplest alternative is a status adjustment within the country. Just hand over your passport to immigration, and they’ll stamp it and activate your work visa. This procedure costs AED 750 and takes about 3 days. After your employment visa is issued if you’re not present in UAE or will leave after some time, it is possible you can activate your visa by leaving UAE and entering again. When you enter UAE, you must show your employment visa to the immigration officer at the airport.

The immigration officer will stamp the visa and it will be activated. It is better to check with your free zone agency before you leave the country on an employment visa because this option is not available to all countries. 

To use the border run option, one must first leave the UAE via land, get an exit stamp, and then return. Here, you must show the immigration officer your employment visa to get your passport and the document stamped with the entry date. Only those with passports from nations that are permitted to enter the UAE without a visa may use this option. It is strongly advised against performing border runs because they are not always successful.

  1. Registration for an Emirates ID and a medical fitness exam
Registration for an Emirates ID and a medical fitness exam

The medical fitness test and registration for an Emirates ID card are the fourth and last steps in getting a visa in Dubai. A chest X-ray plus a blood test for infectious diseases make up a medical examination. The process just takes a few hours, and the findings are often ready after three business days.

You can then apply for your Emirates ID card using the findings of your medical exam. Citizens of the UAE are required to always carry their Emirates ID with them. This identity card is required to open bank accounts and sign mobile phone contracts. Applying for rental contracts for real estate also requires your Emirates ID. The UAE frequently needs the showing of your Emirates ID for any activity requiring personal identity.

If you are applying for an Emirates ID card for the first time, you must go to an official ID authority since necessary biometric data must be obtained. A three-year Emirates ID card is available for AED 370.

  1. Stamping the residence visa
Stamping the residence visa

Now it is time to receive your passport’s official UAE resident visa stamp. You must give your passport to the right immigration office to receive your stamp. This process can take up to 15 days. Until then you are not allowed to leave the premise of UAE. A company formation professional can manage the specifics for you, as they can with every step of this procedure. When your visa is approved, a business consultant can communicate with all concerned government agencies and let you know.

Key features of a Visa for Dubai Free Zone

  1. Most free zones offer three-year visas
  2. quickest procedure
  3. Manually make a visa application in English
  4. Freezone visa doesn’t involve Ministry of Labor

What is the maximum length of a free zone visa?

Freezone visa can be used till they’re valid. This will be displayed on the actual visa. Even visas for employment that are linked to indefinite employment contracts have a time limit because of their expiration. However, it can be routinely renewed.


You can now easily apply for your freezone visa using the provided step-by-step instructions. The earlier discussed benefits of freezone visas are just a few of the many advantages that will be offered.

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