How to Print Final Exit Visa in KSA 2022?

You need to have an account on the muqeem service in order to print a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia for print final exit visa. This service is accessible via the Elm portal. However, documents can only be used and printed by the sponsor.

A final exit visa often referred to as a “Khuruj Nihai” must be obtained when you choose to leave the Kingdom permanently. You need this visa to make sure your company will let you exit the country. Here is how you can check out your final exit visa.

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Check Print final exit visa with Absher

To check your final exit visa via Absher 

  • Log in to your account first
Log in to your account first
  • Click on the three dots appearing in the upper right corner of the window
  • From the Drop-down list select “Dashboard”
  • Click on “More Details”.
  • Scroll down until you find “Final” written under the Visa Class
  • This “Final” means that your final exit visa has been issued
  • Now print the final exit visa.
Absher - Print final exit visa
Absher   Print final exit visa

Check final exit visa without Absher account

If you don’t have an account on Absher you can open the MOL (Ministry of Labour) website to check your final exit visa status

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  1. Enter your issued iqama number 
  2. A border number or passport number can be used as an alternative
  3. Enter captcha code
  4. A new window will appear on your screen showing the final exit visa status with the following messages
  • علي رأس العمل

The final exit has not yet been released.

  • خروج نهائي

The final exit is granted.

  1. This page can now be printed or downloaded as proof of the last exit visa.

Validity of final exit visa

The final exit visa is valid for 60 days after the date of issuing. The final exit visa’s validity is unaffected by the iqama’s expiration. You may stay in Saudi Arabia past the iqama’s expiration date if the final exit visa is still valid.

How to accept Employees Qiwa Transfer Request

Get Final Exit Visa Print

A worker who has already departed Saudi Arabia can request from his employer’s GRO the issuance of a final exit visa document, which he can subsequently provide to the Embassy. The family’s head of household may schedule a visit and go to any Jawazat office to get a printout of the dependents’ final exit visa.

Qiwa Registration Process


How can I print a Saudi Arabia exit/re-entry visa?

Select “Print Visa” from the menu. Finally, the selected dependent’s exit/re-entry visa will show up on your screen, and you can now print it off. This approach can also be used to print an exit re-entry visa for you or your dependents since the Absher account cannot be accessed from outside Saudi Arabia.

What happens if you leave Saudi Arabia but do not come back?

However, if you obtained an Exit Re-Entry Visa and did not return, you will be prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia for at least three years. You should be aware that there are three main types of Saudi Arabian exits. If you have a visa that allows you to leave and come back, you must do it within that time range.

Do I need to print an exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

Since everything is already kept in the online electronic systems of the Passport department, expatriates no longer need to print or obtain an Exit Re-Entry Visa in Saudi Arabian airports when departing from KSA.

How to print my exit visa?

1. If you are using Chrome, look for 3 dots in the upper right corner.
2. Click on it and  it will display a printing option. 
3. A window to save the document as a pdf file will open.
4. The exit re-entry visa printout is available for you to use.

How Can I Get The Saudi Final Exit Paper?

Login through the Absher website at
If you do not already have an account, create one by providing a username and password.
Select “Passports” from the menu’s left-hand side under “Appointments.”

How do I obtain the muqeem’s final exit paper?

The procedure to finish the service
1. Go to the system and log in.
2. Go to (E-Transactions).
3. Choose (Electronic final exit visa).
4, Click here (Issue Final Exit Visa).
5. Type the security code in.
6. Add the resident information.
7. Information about residents is shown via the system.
8. Press (Agree).

How to print visa copies online?

Log in at
1. The “My Requests” tab can be found at the top right corner of the page.
2. Each request has three tiny buttons in front of it.
3. The “Print Electronic Visa” option on the menu will download your PDF visa.
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How can get a final exit with expired Iqama?

1. The sponsor will go online and sign into his Ministry of Labour profile.
2. Now select the “Issue work permit for the final exit” option.
3. Select the “employee.”
4, Then choose “release” from the menu.
5. The Maktab Amal Fee will be covered by the sponsor.
6. The duration of the work permit is 180 days.

How do I check out my last exit status in Moi?

The status of the Final Exit Visa can be seen on MOI.
Visit the MOI website at
Then, select Public Query of Exit Re Entry Visa Status from the E-Services Tab.
You’ll then be sent to a website where you may fill out the sections with your Iqama number, Sponsor ID, and image code.

What happens if you leave Saudi Arabia but do not come back?

However, if you obtained an Exit Re-Entry Visa and did not return, you will be prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia for at least three years. You must be aware that there are three distinct ways to leave Saudi Arabia. If you have an exit re-entry visa, you must return within the time frame specified on the visa. Simply a paper visa, that is.

How can I print the KSA final exit copy?

You can use Absher to print the final exit copy, or you can ask your kafeel to do it so you always have a copy on hand. Always make sure to keep the following things in mind before exiting KSA so you can return whenever is necessary, sooner or later.


Since you now know how to check if your final exit visa has been issued or not, you may travel without worry when the time comes to leave the country. Checking the status of your final exit visa online is easy and quick. You can check to see if your visa has been issued after providing the necessary information. You can return later if it hasn’t been released.

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