What are the Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia?

If you live in Saudi Arabia or are just visiting, you’ll need to know what are the emergency numbers in Saudi Arabia & who to call in case of an emergency.

In Saudi Arabia, it’s crucial to remember emergency numbers for the police, ambulances, fire departments, traffic police, and other services.

Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia

List of Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia

  • 112 – General Saudi Emergency Numbers.
  • 999 or 911 Saudi Police Number. There is no WhatsApp number for Saudi Police.
  • 998 – Saudi Fire Emergency Number.
  • 997 – Saudi Ambulance number.
  • 996 – Saudi Highway Traffic Police Number.
  • 995 – Saudi Anti-Narcotics Number.
  • 994 – Saudi Coast Guards Number.
  • 993 – Saudi Traffic Police Number (Muroor).

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  • 992 – Saudi Criminal Investigation Number.
  • 990 – Saudi Emergency Number in Case of Death.
  • 989 – Saudi Public Security.
  • 988 – Meteorology Department.
  • 985 – Saudi General Intelligence.
  • 933 – Saudi Electricity Emergency Number.
  • 966 – Saudi Natural Disasters.
  • 939 – Saudi Water and Sewerage Services.
  • 940 – Saudi Municipal Services.
  • 905 – Saudi Telephone Directory.
  • 992 – Saudi Criminal Investigation Number.
  • 990 – Saudi Emergency Number In Case of Death.
  • 989 – Saudi Public Strong Security.
  • 988 – Meteorology Department.
  • 1900 – Commercial Violations

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  • 19991 – Anti Corruption Number – Nazaha.
  • 1918 – Saudi Costumes
  • 1919 – Domestic Violence Hotline.
  • 1909 – HAIA or Mutawa.
  • 123 – Saudi Flying Ambulance Number –
  • 920022222 – Saudi Airlines
  • 920000560 – Najm Number – ill.
  • 8001256666 – Bank Complaints with SAMA.


It might be challenging to know just how to respond in every circumstance when you’re an expat living abroad. When it comes to crises and catastrophes, such uncertainty is increased.

Being prepared is always a good idea, whether you need to call the fire department or contact Saudi Arabian medical professionals.

All of Saudi Arabia’s emergency services and phone numbers are thus listed in the above article.

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FAQs About Emergency Numbers In Saudi Arabia

What are the five most useful emergency numbers?

Mobile phones – 911 or 112 (Automatically redirects to 999).
Police – 110
Ambulance – 118 or 119
Fire – 113 or 1131
Search & Rescue – 115
Natural disasters – 129
Electricity emergency – 123
Mental health – 1-500-454. General emergencies – 110

What is the police number in Saudi?

Dial 911, Saudi Police Number. There is no WhatsApp number for Saudi Police.

What’s the ambulance number?

Dial 999 in case of a medical or psychological emergency and when someone is critically injured, unwell, or whose life is in danger.

Is ambulance free in Saudi Arabia?

Public hospitals in Saudi Arabia provide free care to all citizens, however, foreigners living there must be covered by health insurance. As a result, when foreigners arrive in Saudi Arabia, they choose a local hospital, each of which runs a separate ambulance service.

How can I complain to the Saudi police?

Citizens and foreigners may help preserve security by using the smartphone app ‘Kulluna Amn’. With the help of this app, Saudi Arabian residents and ex-pats may now report crimes more easily.

How do I report drug activity in Saudi Arabia?

Call the toll-free number 995 or dial 011-4629393 to personally report to any GDNC office.
Email can be sent to [email protected].
Contact via fax at 011-462-6273.
Write to GDNC at PO Box 2843, Riyadh 11461.

What are the two types of police in Saudi Arabia?

There are two distinct police units in Saudi Arabia: the normal police and the religious police, sometimes referred to as the Mutaween.

The Mutaween are experts in enforcing Sharia law, which is a stringent set of Islamic regulations, whereas the regular police are responsible for conducting criminal investigations and ensuring national security.