How to Check Vehicle Insurance Validity with Absher?

Check vehicle insurance validity with Absher has been made an easy job by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Using Absher App you can check the status of vehicle insurance or auto insurance. Driving a car without insurance carries an SR 100 to SR 150 fine in Saudi Arabia. You can verify the validity of your vehicle’s insurance through the Absher portal. Your Iqama Number and Plate Number are all you need to check the validity of your auto insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Including Absher, there are many other websites like Tawakkalna, or Najm, where you can find out the name of the car insurance company in KSA, the policy number, the status of its validity, or the expiration date of the policy. The steps are as follows.

Check Vehicle Insurance Validity through Absher

Follow the procedure to check vehicle insurance validity through Absher

Check Vehicle Insurance Validity with Absher
  • Login to your Absher account
  • Under Vehicles, select “Services.” Choose “Vehicles Management.”
  • To find out more about a certain car, click on it.

To check the name, status, and validity of the insurance company and the vehicle insurance, scroll down.

Check the Car Insurance Expiry Date through Tawakkalna

The Tawkkalna program also allows you to verify the validity of your auto insurance. To carry it out.

Check the Car insurance expiry date through Tawakkalna
  1. Download Tawakkalna Services from the iTunes Store or Playstore.
  2. Select the “Dashboard” tab.
  3. Choose “Vehicle Insurance” from the list of options.

The following information is available on this page:

  • The number of the car insurance policy.
  • Name of the insurance company.
  • Insurance Type e.g third-party or full insurance.
  • Insurance Expiration Date.

Check Vehicle insurance validity through Najm

The Najm application is the third method for finding out when your car insurance in Saudi Arabia expires. Download the Najm app from the Play Store or iTunes to get started.

Check Vehicle insurance validity through Najm
  • Use your cellphone number to sign in to your account.
  • Select “My Vehicles” from the drop-down option.
  • To add a new car, tap the “+” button.
  • Enter the vehicle’s license plate number.


Now that you know how to check vehicle insurance validity online at Absher. Therefore, in order to receive greater facilities and benefits down the road, it is advised to renew your insurance.


It is important to use MOI to verify the status of your auto insurance online. Accidents can happen to anybody, anywhere, at any time. to avoid any financial loss from car or vehicle damage as well as additional costs. You must confirm that your car’s insurance is current and valid. If not, you should renew it to avoid additional costs and penalties.

The MOI, or Ministry of Interior, allows you to quickly verify your car’s insurance online. To check the validity of your vehicle’s insurance, all you need is a valid Iqama and the vehicle’s license plate. Check your iqama’s validity before beginning, and if it has expired, find out how to renew it and its current status online.

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