How to Check Traffic Violations in KSA online? – 2022 Complete Guide

Traffic violations are one of the most committed offenses in a state, country, or Kingdom. These violations are not easy to relay to the citizens directly because of the numbers in the said state, country, or region. 

Due to this an online service portal was created by the Ministry to help locals and visitors to check on traffic violations in KSA.

This enables the visitors to have a smooth stay in the Kingdom and allows them to check on any traffic violations they might have committed during their stay which may lead to repercussions with the law.

 It is also to give knowledge and educate on traffic violations and how to avoid them.

There are three different ways in which one can check for any fines and traffic violations.

  • Check Violation on Absher Portal.
  • Query traffic Violation check on MOI.
  • Saudi traffic fine check by ATM.

Check Traffic Violations in KSA through ABSHER  PORTAL

One can check on the violations using the Absher portal.

In order to use this portal, one must have an Absher account, which if one doesn’t have one should register in order to access the services.

Absher Account Registration

Requirements that are considered for one to check for traffic Violations in the Kingdom if a visitor when they are recorded in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia by one of the following:

  • Passport
  • GCC National ID
  • Passport
  • KSA Border number
  • National ID
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Card for Bahrain Residents. 

Check Traffic Violations in KSA on Absher portal – Query Traffic Violations

  • Log into the created Absher account.
  • Log into your Absher account
  • Click on Individuals
  • Pick Query Traffic Violations for Visitors
  • Choose one of the previously mentioned documents (residency number, KSA border number, or passport ) to move on further 
Enter the verification code
  • Enter the verification code
  • Click on View 

By following all these steps one is able to check on the fines you have incurred during your stay.
In the event that you have received a traffic offense and have some due fines and want to make some inquiries; one can check and confirm with the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia website.

To be able to carry out this process the Iqama number is required.


Check traffic violations in KSA.

  1.  This is done by visiting the official website. In the case that the website opens in the Arabic language, click on the top left corner which enables you to change the language to English.
  2. Next click on electronic inquiry. Move to the menu section and click on the electronic inquiry which is the 3rd option from the left.
  3. Next tap on the traffic options. There are many options that appear on the dropdown menu. Click on the Traffic option which appears as option number 5 from the top.
  4.  Select the Public Query violations, after scrolling on traffic options. You will notice 3 options on the right, choosing the Public Query Violations option.
  5. A new page will appear in which you’re required to fill in your details. This includes Your identity Number, image code, and violation ID in the given form. 

If one doesn’t have the identity number one should seek assistance to acquire one.

  1. After completing the required details, click on the view button and a new page will appear.
  2. Your traffic violations will be clearly shown on this page.

How to Check Saudi traffic fine check using ATM?

In order for you to be able to check for traffic violations the following procedure is used:

  1. Make your way to the nearest ATM and insert your banking card into the slot present on the machine.
  2. There will be an option where you’ll be required to select the preferred language.
  3. Log in using your username into your bank account.
  4. After you’ve successfully logged in tap on the Services option.
  5. Next, click on Query and afterward select the Number Of Violation Information. 
  6. Next, put on your Iqama Number including some other details which include the passport number.
  7. After that, tap on submit after which you’ll be redirected to a page that contains your Violation Status. 

Here you will see clear violations which you’ve practiced and your Iqama Number.

How to Check Query Traffic Violations Using MOI QUERY Call Service?

In the case that your phone is registered in the Absher online portal, you can check on the violations by just calling. 

  1. From your phone number dial 011-2928888.
  2. On going through choosing your required language for example  English which is set as option two.
  3. After selecting your preferred language the automated voice will continue in which you are required to press 1 on a keyboard, to get the traffic violation status.
  4. On pressing one on your keypad you’re required to enter your Iqama Number.
  5. After typing your Iqama Number on your keypad, you will receive detailed information on the Paid and unpaid fines and the Number of Violations on your screen. 

These are the most important methods to check for any Traffic Violations in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

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