Check NOL Card Balance Online in UAE 2022

Check NOL Card Balance Online in UAE

Introduction to NOL card

NOL Card Balance might get fancy to your ears but if you are a resident or visitor of Dubai, then you must already be aware of the benefits of an NOL card. This card makes moving from one place to another easier and cheap by giving access to all types of transport mechanisms to its users. Be it a bus, taxi, ferry or metro, your NOL card has got you covered!

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Importance of checking NOL card balance

Although NOL cards promise to cater to your needs at any time of the day, there is a certain amount of balance required to get complete access to public transportation. This amount is 7.5 AED and can be checked by visiting your nearest vending machine situated at a metro station or bus stand. 

But what do you do if you want to make sure your NOL card balance is more than its minimum value but don’t see any vending machine nearby? To prepare yourself for such cases, continue reading ahead and learn how to check your NOL card balance online by following a few simple steps. 

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How to Check NOL card balance online?

Method one: Using the official RTA website

  • Select the NOL box displayed on your home screen and enter your NOL tag ID.
  • Next, find the 10-digit card ID on the lower right side of your card and enter it in the given slot.
  • Finally, select the search button and your card balance including its expiry date will be displayed. 

Method two: Using the RTA Mobile Application

  1. Install the RTA Dubai mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Play store.
  2. Next, open the app and slide right until you come across the public transport services option. 
  3. From the drop-down list, select check your NOL balance option and enter your card number in the given textbox. 
  4.  Lastly, press on the View Balance option and wait for your card details including its balance and pending credit to be displayed on the screen. You can also browse through your history of NOL transactions here. 

Important note

Before checking your NOL card balance, you should remember that the website is not updated immediately. It may take up to 48 hours for any recent transactions to be included and for your updated card balance to be displayed on the screen.

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Final Words

And with that being said, we have reached the end of our informative article about checking your NOL card balance online while living in the United Arab Emirates. We hope that our guide helps you carry out this procedure smoothly and save you from any future problems due to insufficient NOL card balance.

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