6 Ways to Check Etisalat Mobile Number & Owner in UAE

Introduction to Etisalat Mobile Number

If you are living in any state of the United Arab Emirates, then it is important that you know your Etisalat mobile number and owner name. This will help you check if your Etisalat mobile number is registered or not and show you other essential details like the remaining card balance and identify your owner’s name.

But what do you do if you have forgotten this number? Well, you don’t need to panic because we are here to tell you six different ways through which you can check your Etisalat mobile numberDu Sim Mobile Number and owner without leaving your house! Therefore, without further ado, let us get started.

How to Check your Etisalat Mobile Number and Owner?

How to check your Etisalat mobile number and owner?

Method one: Giving a Missed Call to Someone You Know

Giving a missed call to someone you know

The first and easiest way to find your Etisalat mobile number is by giving a missed call from your account to any close associate or friend of yours. After then, you can simply ask them to show you your Etisalat number which is present in their call log. Just remember that to carry out this method, you must have sufficient balance in your account to leave a missed call on someone’s phone. 

Method two: Using the Etisalat Collect Call Service

Using the Etisalat Collect Call Service

What do you do if you don’t have enough balance in your account to leave a missed call on someone’s phone? The answer is simple, you make use of the Etisalat Collect Call service

Let us provide some detail about Etisalat Collect Call for those of you who are not aware of the service. All Etisalat pre and post paid customers living in UAE can use this service to call others for free. Meanwhile, the receiving phone number will be charged for the call. 

You can customise your own blacklist or whitelist by calling *132# and block calls from all irrelevant numbers. Use this service to ring one of your friends and then check your Etisalat number from their phone.

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Method three: Dial *101#

Dial *101#

The most common and simple way to check your Etisalat phone number is by dialling *101# on your phone. Wait until the USSD code running message disappears and then enter 1 to select the Account Management option.

Next, press 3 to select Account Information and then the Know My Number button. Lastly, press 3 and then select send. Your screen will now display a prompt message showing your Etisalat mobile number.

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Method four: Dial *101*1*3*3

Dial *101*1*3*3

For all those who find the above-mentioned steps a little bit confusing and hard to remember, we have the perfect solution for you. Just simply enter *101*1*3*3 on your phone and select the send button. In a matter of seconds, your screen will now display a prompt message containing your registered Etisalat sim number. 

Method five: Using the Etisalat Mobile App

Using the Etisalat mobile app

This method is restricted to those who have an account on the official Etisalat app and have it downloaded on their phone. Just log into your account and look at the Etisalat sim number present on your dashboard.

Method six: Using the eMobile tracker website

Using the eMobile tracker website

Sure, all the previously mentioned methods help you check your Etisalat number in case you forget it over time, but what do you do if you want to identify your sim owner’s number? Follow our steps below to check your operator’s number online. 

  • Visit the eMobile tracker website by clicking on this link.
  • Next, dial the sim number whose owner you want to check.
dial the sim number whose owner you want to check.
  • Enter your security code in the labelled box and press the Track Now button.
  • Alas, the number of the owner under which your sim is registered will be displayed on your screen. 

Important note: Keep in mind that this method is not 100% accurate and the results might vary even while using the same phone number. 

Final Words

With that being said, we have come to the end of our article about six different ways of checking your Etisalat mobile number using your phone and the Etisalat mobile app. We hope that our guide helps you carry out this procedure without any difficulties or technical problems.

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