7 Ways to Check Du Sim Mobile Number & Registered Owner

Check Du Sim Mobile Number & Registered Owner

Introduction to Du Sim Mobile Number 

Have you, like many others, forgotten your du sim mobile number due to weak memory? Or perhaps you want to identify the registered owner’s number on your du sim? In either of the cases, it is important that you know how to check this information without needing anyone’s help. 

However, you don’t need to panic if you haven’t learned this skill yet because we are here to teach you seven different ways by which you can check your du sim mobile number and registered owner using your smartphone only. Without further ado, let’s get started

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How to check Du sim mobile number and registered owner?

Method one: Giving a missed call

Giving a missed call

Let’s start with a relatively simple and easy approach to figuring out your Du sim number online. If you have enough balance to ring a friend in your account, ring them a couple of times. You can then check your du number from their phone’s call history.

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Method two: Borrow Credit from DU

Borrow Credit from DU

What do you do if you want to give a missed call to your friend but don’t have sufficient credit in your account? In such cases, you need to borrow balance from DU by following any one of the procedures mentioned below. 

Either dial *108# and then press ‘2’ or SMS the digit ‘5’ on 1080. You can also try calling with low balance and wait for the prompt which asks you to press ‘1’ to borrow credit. 

Finally, ring your friend or close associate and check your du phone number. But remember that the next time you recharge your account, AED 6 will be subtracted from your amount with 5% VAT. 

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Method three: Dial 155

Dial 155

Firstly enter 155 in your keypad and press the call button. End the call after choosing your preferred language.

Now, dial 155 again and choose the first option labelled as SIM assistance. The operator will start dictating your DU sim number and you can then note it down from here carefully. 

Method four: Dial *116#

Dial *116#

Enter *116# in your dial pad and click on the call button. A ‘USSD code running’ message will be displayed on your screen. As soon as this message disappears, you will receive a prompt message showing your du sim number. 

Method five: SMS ‘getmymsisdn’ to 9296

SMS 'getmymsisdn' to 9296

This method is only applicable for users with an active du sim. Type the message ‘getmymsisdn’ in the text box and send it to 9296. You will immediately receive a reply containing your du sim number. 

Method six: Using the DU mobile app

Using the DU mobile app

For those of you who have the DU mobile application installed on their phones, you can log into your account and check your du sim number directly from the home page. This method only works if you have a registered and active DU sim account.

Method seven: Using the eMobile Tracker Website

Using the DU mobile app

By now, we are sure that our six different methods have got you covered about what to do in case you forget your du sim number. But how can you check your sim owner’s number online? To do this, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the eMobile tracker website by clicking on this link. 
  2. Input the du mobile number you want to verify along with your security code. 
  3. Press the Track Now button and wait for your owner’s number and other details to be displayed on screen. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must keep in mind that this method does not guarantee 100% accuracy. You might have to try several times before getting the correct result. 

Final Words

With that being said, we conclude our informative article about seven different ways to check your du sim mobile number and its registered owner. Follow these methods to check your number, account balance and who holds the ownership of your sim within a few minutes!

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