How To Check & Pay Fine Using Emirates ID?

Introduction to Emirates ID

Initiated by the identity and citizenship authority of UAE, Emirates ID is the domestic way of identifying a person and allowing them to carry out multiple transactions using their smart card. 

Along with this, Emirates ID is also used to check whether you have been charged for speeding, parking in off-limit areas or any other driving penalties by the traffic police. If you are charged with any one of these penalties, it is significant that you pay them as soon as possible. 

But how do you make this payment to the police department and check for any future fines on your Emirates ID? We are here to answer both of these questions today and guide you about the simple procedure to check and pay fine using your Emirates ID online and in-person!

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How to check fine with your Emirates ID?

You can be fined for a variety of reasons some of which include speeding, driving with an expired license or being drunk while driving. These fines start from AED 100 and can get as high as AED 2000 for huge blunders. 

There are two ways to check fines using your Emirates ID, either by using the Abu Dhabi police website or installing the free Abu Dhabi police application from Apple or Google play store. The steps for both methods are the same and listed below. 

  1. Once you have installed this app or opened the website by clicking on this link, you will see a list of four different approaches to check your driving penalties. 
fine with your Emirates ID
Fne With Your Emirates ID
  1. At this point, select the ‘Inquiry by Emirates ID (Individual fines)’ option and type in the 15-digit Emirates ID present on your smart card. 
  1. Next, correctly enter the letters and numbers displayed on the captcha image and select the Submit button. 

Wait for your screen to load. If you have any penalties issued against you, they will now be displayed on your screen with other details like time, location, black points and amount needed to be paid.

But if the screen shows a prompt saying that there are no fines according to the conditions, that means you have not violated any traffic rules while driving and are good to go! 

Important note: This procedure is applicable and same for all types of fines. In case of any query about the fine’s rules and regulations, you can get in touch with the traffic police department.

How to pay a fine with your Emirates ID?

After you have checked the exact amount of fine you need to pay to the traffic police, it is time for you to make this transaction. For your convenience, we have listed down five different methods of paying these fines with your Emirates ID. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started. 

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Method one: Using the Abu Dhabi Police Portal

Using the Abu Dhabi Police Portal

First and foremost, let us see how you can use the Abu Dhabi police portal to not only check your fines but pay them as well. 

  1. Start by opening the portal on your device through this Link. Or, you can use the free Abu Dhabi police app available on Google and Apple play store.
  1. Register yourself on the portal using your Emirates ID, Vehicle number plate, driving license and unified traffic number. 
  1. Complete your profile by typing in your username, password and the one-time password (OTP) code sent on your phone. 
  1. Once this is done, you will see a list of all the pending fines and their details on your home screen. Pay online through your Visa or MasterCard easily.

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Method two: Using the self service kiosks 

Using the self service kiosks 

For all of you who find it difficult to make transactions online, the smart teller kiosk digital e-payment machine is here to make your lives easier!

Start by visiting the nearest self service kiosk (SAHL) located anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. 

Enter your Emirates ID and then click on the e-service, fine inquiries option. Type in your vehicle number and other details asked before making the payment successfully.

At this stage, you will see a list of all vehicles registered under your ID. You can use this machine for renewing your driver license and vehicle registration contract as well!

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Method three: Using the TAMM Portal

Using the TAMM portal

Launched by the Abu Dhabi police, you can pay a fine using an active and registered TAMM account.

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  1. Start by opening their portal through this Link. You can also use the free TAMM mobile app available on Google and Apple play store. 
  1. Log in to your TAMM account with your SmartPass or UAE Pass. 
  1. Fill in your vehicle’s plate number and Emirates ID to complete payment of pending fines. 

Method four: Using the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website

Using the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website

The method to pay fines with the Emirates Vehicle Gate website is very similar to the Abu Dhabi police portal procedure. However, EVG is better in terms of offering personal services like insurance, calamity claims and  renewal of agreement. 

Open the EVG website by clicking on this Link. Or download the free EVG app from Google and Apple play store. 

Select the “Pay Traffic Fines” option and then pay through your Visa or MasterCard online. 

Method five: Using the MOI Website

Using the MOI Website

If you are registered on the ministry of interior portal under your Emirates ID or authentic email address, follow these steps to pay your penalties online. 

  1. Start by opening the UAE ministry of interior website using this Link or downloading the MOI mobile app for all Android and iOS devices. 
  1. Log in to your account with your UAE pass and username. You must have a registered and active MOI account to avail this service. 
  1. Select the traffic and license services option under Electronic services. Lastly, look for your fine history and pay accordingly with your Visa or MasterCard. 

 Final Words

And with that being said, we sum up our informative article about checking and paying your fines using the 15-digit Emirate ID. With these methods, you can pay your fines without any hassle or waiting in long queues! 

So what are you waiting for? Check if you have any penalties under your name and clear them in a matter of minutes following our step by step guide for its payment. 

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