Awfar Service by Saudi Post – Everything You Need to Know

Awfar Service by Saudi post provides a service termed Awfar for people who want their parcels delivered to a specific address. You specify the location and send the package to that location.

Using this Service, you can send letters, documents, parcels, or anything to a specific location. So, sending a parcel to anyone is not a thing to be worried about now.

Benefits of Awfar Service by Saudi Post

Here are some benefits if you subscribe to the Awfar Service by Saudi Post:

  1. Customers who sign up for this Service are treated like VIPs and get access to a variety of deals from different SPL partners.
  2. Moreover, if a client has a P.O. Box subscription, one benefit of this Service is that their P.O. Box items will be delivered to their home.
  3. The Service also covers the expense of sending official documents. 
  4. Two Alami shipments with a combined weight of little more than 3 kg are provided for free.
  5. You can receive any external or internal shipment at your national address.
  6. There are no Government document delivery fees.

Subscription Price

Subscription Price - awfar service by Saudi post

The Awfar Service has an annual subscription cost of SR 395. Customers may sign up for the Awfar Service through the SPL website or the SPL online apps

Head to the website using this link to see the subscription price. Because sometimes, there is 50% off on the subscription fee, which makes it only 197.5 SR. It is a limited-time offer only.


Now that you know the benefits of awfar Service by Saudi post, it is better if you avail of the annual subscription to enjoy the extra perks they offer. Right now, there is a flat 50% off on the subscription fee, so why not avail this amazing offer? We hope this post resolved all your concerns about the Saudi post service.

People Also Ask

Complete the shipping package form. Correctly and legibly handwrite the recipient’s and sender’s addresses. Pay the service fees. The expiration date needs to be written on any packages that contain food.

Your nearby Saudi post office is where you may conveniently pick up your package. You can ask for home delivery if you don’t have the time to pick up your parcel. The cost for delivery to your residence is 30 S.R. To pick up your package, Saudi Post wants you to have a few items with you.

The effective and dependable Saudi Post postal network serves all the towns and villages in Saudi Arabia. From its basic beginnings of transporting mail and packages on camels to employing railroad systems and contemporary technologies today, mail service has advanced significantly.