What is the Procedure to Use Awdah Service in Absher?

Awdah Service in Absher will make it easier for expatriates on an exit-re-entry visa or final exit visa to travel back to their home nations in the midst of an ongoing coronavirus outbreak. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the new decision was made as per King Salman’s order.

All residents (legal and illegal) inside the kingdom are now able to file an application to return to their home countries electronically via the Absher site. This is done with the help of a new service known as “Awdah”. The travel arrangements will be made once the request has been granted.

Service of Awdah in Absher

Below is the procedure to use Awdah service in Absher

  1. Go to Absher site.
  2. You can access the Awdah service without logging into Absher.
  3. From the bottom of the screen, choose “Awdah Service.”
  4. Next, enter your Border Number (if you don’t have an Iqama) or Iqama Number.
  5. Type in your birthdate using the Gregorian or Hijri calendars.
  6. Next, input your mobile number.
  7. Last but not least, type the Image code, guid and click Continue.

You will receive an SMS when your application has been accepted, and you can also check the status on the Absher portal.

Procedure for Awdah service in Absher – Expats Who Want to Return

Legal expatriates or violators residing in Saudi Arabia can now ask for a return to their home countries through this service; if their request is authorized, the necessary travel arrangements will be made for them. The Ministry of Interior upgraded its Absher portal’s “Awdah (Return)” function. To use this service, you must have a valid exit, re-entry, or final exit visa, or a valid visitation or tourist visa. Those without a re-entry visa can request their sponsors or employers for one.

How to Apply for Awdah Service in Absher while Leaving Saudi Arabia for Home Country

Step 1

Visit Awdah Service – You can also go to Absher, where you will locate the Awdah Service logo to the right of the Login button.

How to use the Awdah service in Absher

Step 2

To apply or to check the status of an application that has already been submitted, click “New Travel Request” or “Travel Request Inquiry.”

You must fill out the application page with information such as 

  • Iqama number
  • Border Number
  • Birthdate

Step 3

To receive an approval message, enter your mobile number in the box, type the image code and then click “Continue.”

Note: If you don’t have a current Exit Re-Entry or Final Exit visa, you’ll get a warning saying that your request can’t be processed. If you plan to apply using your Iqama number, you need to get a visa first.

Final Step

On the next page, you have to enter passport information, including the names of the departing and arriving airports

After submitting, wait for approval before requesting the travel information.

In order to use the Awdah service person should not be involved in any police cases, have a valid passport, a fingerprint in the Jawazat systems, and travel to one of the participating nations. Only flights from the airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Madina will depart.


You can apply for this service without having an Absher account. If the following requirements are satisfied, all visitors with an iqama or visit visas may apply for a return flight using the Awdah service if they met the following conditions

  1. You are an Iqama owner who is older than 6 years old.
  2. A final exit or exit reentry visa has already been issued.
  3. The system must have fingerprints that were registered.
  4. If one of the parents is using this service, children over 6 years old can purchase a ticket at the same time as their parents.

Go to the website of Absher and select the” individual “tab. When a new window appears, scroll down a little until you see the “Awdah” service.

The system will present you with two alternatives on the following screen, from which you must select “New Travel Request”. You must input either the Iqama number or the border number on the new form that will appear. Then, enter your mobile number and birthdate exactly as they appear on your Iqama.

If you don’t have a current final exit visa or an exit reentry visa, the system will notify you that your request cannot be fulfilled. If you have a valid departure reentry visa or final exit visa the system will ask you to choose

  • Your current region of residence
  • The city in which you reside.
  • The airport of departure.
  • Destination.

On your Absher account, you can request a return flight using the GC or Awdah options. The system will provide you with a request number after you successfully submit the Awdah request.

A text message with the travel date, ticket number, and reservation information will be delivered to the beneficiary as soon as the Awdah service application is authorized. Using the information in the SMS, you will need to make a payment. The applicant’s reservation message serves as a permit to move on the day of the flight to the airport.

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