How to Apply for Driving License in KSA ?

In Saudi Arabia locomoting in one’s own vehicle is the easiest way to move from one place to another.

To do so one is required to apply for a driving license which enables one to legally drive in the Kingdom.

In order to obtain a driving license in KSA one has to take into consideration:

1. Type of Driving License One Aspires to get
2. Fulfilment of Certain Requirements

Types of Driving Licenses

There are six types of driving licenses:

  1. Public license
  2. Motorcycle license
  3. Private license
  4. Heavy vehicle license
  5. Women driving license
  6. Diplomatic driving license

Requirements for Saudi Driving License

Different documents are required when applying for a driving license:

  1. Should have a minimum age of 18 years and above. 
  2. 4 Passport-size photographs. 
  3. Photocopy of passport 
  4. Original Iqama 
  5. Photocopy of Iqama
  6. Driving license of your country( If any and a foreigner). The license should be translated to Arabic from an approved institute of translation. 

NOTE: If one does not have one is given classes of up to 30 to 90 hours.

  • Payment of the fee for the Saudi Driving License. 
  • Medical report including a test for blood group.
  • A license fee of 435 SAR or 200 SAR if in possession of a driving license.

If the foreign license is not in Arabic, agents around the driving school are available to help out in translation. If not, one can seek assistance from the locals.

In the case that one is in possession of a driving license, one can opt out of the theory classes. One is required to book for the final test, revise the basics of driving and prepare for the computer test which is theory. 

Medical examination

When carrying out the medical examination one has to take it in an approved hospital or medical institution.

The Procedure of Application

The Procedure of Application - Apply for Driving License in KSA

Once one acquires all the required documents, one is required to visit the nearest driving school in the area of residence.

On arrival, one has to download the application form in the nearby shop (which may be around 15 Riyal). Fill out the form, combine it with the other required documents and hand it over to the officer inside the school.

On completion of all this go to the 2nd room. Here, your documents are checked by one of the officers while the officer checks your eyesight. After this, you should go to the license check counter, where your documents are stamped and you’re set for the first try. Here, there are 2 options you can choose from; Manual or Automatic. If you choose manual you can drive either two of them but if you choose automatic you can only drive one.

First, Try a Test

First, Try a Test -  Apply for Driving License in KSA

This test basically checks your basic skills in driving and your confidence while in the driver’s seat, where you’re instructed to reverse and forward for a short distance. 

On getting into the car, one should:

  • Adjust the seat
  • Wear the seatbelt
  • Check the side mirrors

The instructor may not be able to speak English or any other language apart from Arabic thus knowledge of a few Arabic words related to driving would be an added advantage. 

You should behave normally and don’t panic no matter what.

At the completion of the test, the instructor will make comments on your file ranging from  A to D, whereas certain that you’ll be able to go for the final test otherwise one is required to take classes.

Driving School Timings – Dallah Driving School

Dayshift ranges from 7:00 to 12:00 and the evening shift from 15:00 to 19:00.

The timings change depending on different occasions eg. Ramadan or different driving schools.

Driving School Timings - Dallah Driving School

The training fee ranges from around  435 SAR

Final Driving Test

Before one undertakes this test you’re required to thoroughly go through the Saudi driving license book. 

There are 5 different parts one is required to master:

  1. Speed up
  2. Zigzag path
  3. Reversing 
  4. Height inclined start and stop
  5. Break application

Upon completion, you are given a date for the computer test, signal test( Ishara test), and reverse parking. 

Driving Computer, Signals, and Reverse Parking test.
Signal and Reverse Parking Test

For these tests, the reverse test is simple and easy to pass but the challenge comes in the signals test if one does not have enough knowledge of signs and signals. 

Computer Test

This test is carried out in the official app which one is required to have.


This test takes around 30 minutes and has a total of 20 questions. One is allowed to skip a question where a new one is provided. A total of two mistakes are allowed during this test. The app enables one also to clear your DL on the first try.  On completion of the test go to room 1 on the Driving Delivery, wait for your turn and you’ll be added over a new Kingdom of Saudi Arabia license. 

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