How To Do Absher Account Activation In Saudi Arabia 2022?

Absher Account Activation

Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has introduced the Absher portal and application for the people of KSA. Whether they are expatriates, dependents, or local citizens of KSA every one can use the Absher account for their government-related issues. So, if you have created an Absher account but don’t know how to do Absher account activation in Saudi Arabia, this guide might be helpful for you. 

How to do Absher account activation? First, you have to create your Absher account. To do so, go to the Absher official website and choose individuals on the site. After that, you can change the language to English if you want. Next, you have to put in the desired username and to finish registration you have to insert some personal info like mobile number, email ID, username, etc. Now, to activate you can use ways like online banking, Jawazat, kiosk, and other banks.

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What Is Absher?

Absher account activation process

Absher is an Absher Account Activation application developed by Saudi Arabia’s “Ministry of Interior” for Saudi Arabian residents. Using this application, you can easily get access to its 279 services that include reporting crimes, using a bank account, acquiring your identity cards, etc. Now, to avail of these services, you have to create and activate the Absher account. Absher Account Activation 

How To Create An Absher Account?

How To Create An Absher Account?

Before activation, you first need to create an Absher account, and to do so, follow these simple steps and you will be good to go. Make sure you follow these steps accurately because there is no other way of creating an Absher account. Follow these steps for Absher Account Activation;

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  • First, you have to go to the official Absher website and sign up for the new account.
  • Once you click sign up, the site will ask for your personal information like Iqamah number, your name, mobile number, etc.
  • After the process, an OTP code will be sent to your mobile number for verification. Also, make sure that you have the Iqamah number because the account will not be created without it.
  • Once the verification is done, set a security question and choose your username and you have successfully created an Absher account.

The Procedure For The Absher Account Activation 

Once you have successfully registered and created your account with Moi Absher, the next step is to activate it. There are many ways that can be used for this purpose including using online banking or ATM machines in order to get started right away. You might also want to check out how quickly and easily activating an Absher my Account could benefit both yourself as well as those around you. Different ways for Absher Account Activation.

How to accept Employees Qiwa Transfer Request

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  1. By Self Service Kiosk
  2. Activate with the bank service
  3. Visiting Jawazat Offices

How do I verify Absher Account Activation?

You can verify your Absher account by going to the official Absher website and choosing Absher registration from there. After that, verify your personal information asked there and then click on submit to proceed. This will verify your Absher account by submitting your request and completing the transaction of the amount.

How do I find my Absher username?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.You can find your Absher username in the personal information tab on the official Absher website. Also, even if you forget your username and are logged out of your account, you can still log in to your account and see your username. The thing is that you can use your Iqamah number to log in because it remains the same and on your identity card.

How do I reset my Absher account?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut laboIf you want to reset your Absher account, you are probably thinking about its password. To change the password for your account, you simply need to log in and go to the sign-in option and enter the details required. 

After that, you have to answer the secret question that you set at the time of signing up. In the end, a verification code will be sent to your mobile through which you can reset your Absher account’s et dolore magna aliqua.

Can I open Absher outside of KSA?

No, it is certainly not possible to create an Absher account outside of Saudi Arabia. This is because its services are exclusively for KSA residents. And also because you need an Iqamah number that is the identification number for Saudi Arabia nationality holders. 

Without it, you can not create an Absher account. This is another reason why you can not create an Absher account outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In conclusion, Absher Account Activation is one of the most convenient service apps available for the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed by its government. If you just have residency in Saudi Arabia, you can create an Absher account. 

Even if you are currently not residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but you have the Iqamah number and the nationality of KSA, then you can easily make the account. As far as the activation of the Absher account is concerned, it is extremely easy. You can do it even sitting at home or if you don’t want it, you can go out to do it by yourself as well.

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